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What’s New SL

Hana: The Newest Mesh Frock at Sage Fashions

Hana Bouqet

Don’t just call it a mesh dress. Call it a mesh frock. With a delightful print over a flounced, tiered skirt, this dress, with its sweetheart neckline, is full mesh with a texture-change HUD for the bow. Choose your accent to match the darling print on any one of these dresses and enjoy having a fat pack of bows, all for one price. Comes in five standard mesh sizes with alpha. Flounce your way through the day in this darling frock from Sage Fashions.

Hana Cherries Hana Fashion Hana Fruity Hana Kisses Hana Poppies Hana Rosesjpg Hana Wild Rose

What`s New @ [ kunst ] – Framed pictures / #1 – #3

[ kunst ] - Framed pictures / #1 - #3

[ kunst ] – Framed pictures / #1 – #3

★Framed pictures, great for stores and home★

►Includes 3 models in 4 wood color finishes


► Technical information:
•Land impact: 1 @ 5 x 2,5 meters (aprox)
•Single mesh object, fit any picture size easily
•LoD levels: High
•Materials: Yes
•Shadow face: Yes

Kunst:  in-World

Kunst: Marketplace

K E L I N I . Sexy Chained Jumpsuit

Kelini - Vendor 23 white┊ ┊ ┊ ▶▷ K E L I N I
┊ ┊ ▶▷ Sexy Chained Jumpsuit
┊ ▶▷ Now Available in 6 Colors!

LIMO : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tuvuca%20Bay/159/51/3302

MESH Spiked Platform Heels “Jane” & “Triple Color Wedges for SLINK High Feet

Hello Girls,

Today we have 2 new Fashion Releases for you … our latest Release for SLINK High Feet – Spiked Platform Heels “Jane” & “Triple Color Wedges” .

We hope that it is also something for your taste :) The Releases are now available in our Mainstore. And here they are …

New Release 1: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Spiked Platform Heels “Jane” – MESH- for Slink High Feet
in 5 Colors


PC Spiked Platform Heels _Jane_ - Slink High Wandbild1

New Release 2: .::PiNK CHERRY::.  “Triple Color Wedges” – MESH- for Slink High Feet
in 5 Colors


PC Triple Color Wedges - Slink High Wandbild1


Hope you like it :-)

What`s New @ League

League Slink Physique Appliers
*League* Slink Physique Mesh Body Appliers:

Compatible with all League Skins (except the earliest Misty/Kate).

Huds include 4 Chest Options and choice of Pubic hair or Shaved.
Automatically applies textures to Slink Hands & Feet as well as the Physique.
Includes an extra Base layer Applier for compatibility with Lolas Tangos. (Appliers for Lolas Tangos themselves are available separately.)
Blend tattoos included in Row1 tones, ensure compatibility with the avatar at neck, hands & feet for all skins whether Slink Hands, Feet or Visage Head is worn or not. (Not needed for Row2 Tones at present)

To use these Appliers you will need the Slink Physique (plus ideally the Slink Hands & Feet), from here: Slink

Get the *League* Slink Physique Appliers in the Skin Section of League Mainstore: League Mainstore Skin Section


Coffee Time Means Relaxing Time


New Releases!! Cane Patio chairs to be enjoyed anywhere in the home or garden. Add that special touch with the wooden trunk and coffee tray

Relax and Enjoy

Relax and Enjoy

Latex Doll Collection at Kharanee’s Clothing

Hello Angels! Here is the Latex Doll Coletion of Kharanee’s Clothing.

There are four options of Sexies Catsuits for you.

❤Latex Doll Catsuit (Black)❤

 [Promos for just one week: Promo Inworld: L$50 ( 60% off)/Marketplace promo: L$70 (44% off)]❤


Marketplace link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Promo-for-one-week-Latex-Doll-Catsuit-BLACK-Kharanees-Clothing/6390904

Latex Doll Catsuit (Black)-Kharanee's Clothing


 ❤Latex Doll Catsuit (Pink)❤

❤[Promos for just one week:Promo Inworld: L$50 (60% off) / Marketplace promo: L$70 (44% off)]❤


Marketplace link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Promo-for-one-week-Latex-Doll-Catsuit-PINK-Kharanees-Clothing/6366040


Latex Doll Catsuit (Pink)-Kharanee's Clothing


 ❤Latex Doll Catsuit (Red)- L$125❤


Marketplace link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Latex-Doll-Catsuit-Red-Complete-Outfit-Kharanees-Clothing/6347018


Latex Doll Catsuit (Red)-Kharanee's Clothing


 ❤Latex Doll Catsuit (Purple)- L$125❤


Marketplace link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Latex-Doll-Catsuit-Purple-Complete-Outfit-Kharanees-Clothing/6354740



Latex Doll Catsuit (Purple)-Kharanee's Clothing


Enjoy ;)❤

[ kunst ] – Kunsteiner cans

[ kunst ] - Kunsteiner cans / Full pack[ kunst ] - Kunsteiner cans / Full pack[ kunst ] - Kunsteiner cans / Full pack

[ kunst ] – Kunsteiner cans

★Premium beer, great for club, bar and home★

►Stack can’s system to decorate your bar


► Technical information:

•Land impact: ½ – 1 prim, each part
•LoD levels: Optimized
•Materials: Yes
•Shadow face: No

► Includes: single can, 6 grouped cans and 2 stack examples




NEW RELEASE Anetha@Abia Capalini Design

Anetha is an outfit with beautiful mesh dress.

It comes with matching purse, neclace and earings.

Eight colors are available. One for a special prize as PROMO!

Matching Peep-Toes are available too.

Abia Capalini Anetha


My mainstore location changed. Now it is at:


Have a look……

Somnia Shines!

Hai there you glittery stars,

♥ My Slink Obsession is here again and I’ve got some new cuteness for you all!

Tops with all system layers, appliers for Slink Physique, Wowmeh, Lola’s and Banned all for only 95L a set!
.: Somnia :. Lootia Darks Ad
.: Somnia :. Lootia Lights Ad

Nail Polishes 75L a set!
.: Somnia :. Shooting Stars Darks Ad
.: Somnia :. Shooting Stars Lights Ad

Shoes they come with a HUD for texture change. You can mix and match lights and darks as well if you own both sets. They are fitted for the Slink High Feet!* Only 95L a set
.: Somnia :. Twinkle Toes Darks Ad
.: Somnia :. Twinkle Toes Lights Ad

*Please note the shoes only work with the Slink High Feet and the feet are NOT included.

Only at Somnia @ My Slink Obsession

♥ Fab Free is celebrating their 7th birthday with a mini hunt at their headquarters and I am excited to join. This is exclusive to the hunt so be sure to grab it for free before it is gone forever! Hunt runs until the 17th.

This set includes a mesh tank and panties in 5 sizes each. With a hud for texture change.
.: Somnia :. Celebration Ad

Only at Fab Free Headquarters

Please let me know if there are older items you would like to see be made compatible with the Slink Physique, Wowmeh, Banned or the Lola mesh breasts. You can IM me, send a notecard or drop a notecard in the suggestion box at the main store.

All my love and thanks ❤


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