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[CIRCA] – 5 New Vanity Sets in Store

New this week at CIRCA – 5 New Beauty Vanity Sets

We have worked on a new collection of vanities for your enjoyment.  They are all carefully designed, balanced in colour and style for various spaces, adding lots of new animations to the vanity seats.  They are all packed with pretty animations to beautify your avatar.  Each set comes with lots of props to complete your animation cycles as you sit in front of the mirror gazing.  If you are looking for some valentine gifts for your friends, family or a special lady, this is a lovely gift idea to add to your list.

Studio Edge Vanity Set - in Black

Studio Edge Vanity Set - in Black & White

Studio Edge Vanity Set - in Azure

Studio Edge Vanity Set - in Purple

Spring Spirit - Studio Vanity Set

Orion - Vanity Set

London Vanity Set

 Willow - Vanity Set in Ivory

Willow - Vanity Set in Aqua

Willow - Vanity Set in Khaki

Visit Our Store here to find them:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aurora%20Vale/208/106/38

All of these have been added to the marketplace.

We have quite a collection of other vanity & perfume sets available in store and on marketplace as well.
CIRCA Marketplace  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/12819

Visit our Flickr to view original pics:

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Enjoy viewing,

~ Cherelle ~

[CIRCA] – New Spring/Summer Designs

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on What’s New, so I’m catching up. Here is a new collection of items which was started in the spring but can be carried over to summer under our new sister label [CIRCA]. The Modern Charm series has been newly added to the store showcase windows.

Modern Charm – Daybed
Multi-pose menu with 16 lay & sleep animations / 5 additional sit animations for corner & pillow.

Modern Charm – Carpet Lounge
This comes with 4 animation sits for both male and female.

Modern Charm – Tulip Vase

Modern Charm – Side Cabinet Set
This comes with 1 animation sit with the stack of pillows.

Wild Tulip – Console Table

Calla Lillies – Formal Vase Display

Bali River Rock Candles in Pink
These are available in 7 colours.

Visit us at:
CIRCA items on the Marketplace

Find the Modern Charm Collection here at our Mainstore!

Find the Bali River Rock Candles here at our Mainstore!

Thanks for viewing,

~ Cherelle Capra ~


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