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What’s New @ Adoness

Adoness Presents: The Hair Shedding Hunt

The Hair Shedding Hunt is a store wide event brought to you by Adoness. In this hunt you will have to search for small COMB objects hich are carefully hidden all around our main store building. Each hunt objects is priced at 10L$ and includes one of our best selling hairstyles in two colors.
Colors of hairstyles were created specially for this event and can not be found among our regular hair color packs.

Hint: Hunt objects are placed inside our old cottage house (not outdoors) ;)

Location: Adoness Mainstore

shedding-info poster

hair shedding

What’s New @ Adoness

New release @ Adoness!

Anaxilea is a punk themed hairstyle which comes with a shaved hair base and is available in various color packs.

Adoness Main Store

Anaxilea hairstyle by Adoness

Anaxilea hairstyle by Adoness.

Anaxilea Gift from Adoness
Anaxilea hair gift from Adoness

What’s New @ Adoness

New hairstyles released at Adoness!

Adoness Location




Exclusive version of Sol is available for a holiday price at our special store event “Christmas Market by Adoness. Get more info on our offical blog: www.adoness-sl.blogspot.com


What’s New @ Adoness

Montium and Bestia Eyes are now available at Adoness main store. All eye versions include mesh pupils with full bright, regular and glow option.

Adoness: Main Store



What’s New @ Adoness

Six versions of Candy Queen nails now available at Adoness main store. Nails come in sizes from 0 to 30.

Adoness SLurl: Taxi

v-candy queen-muffinv-candy queen-mint chocolatev-candy queen-marzipan cakev-candy queen-cupcakev-candy queen-cotton candyv-candy queen-candy apple


What’s New @ Adoness

Hair Fair 2013 Release:

Available At: Hair Fair 2013: Port








What’s New @ Adoness

Adoness is presents a new line of realistic eyes. Darian eyes include layer eyes, mesh pupils, mesh and prim fantasy glow.

MAIN STORE: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blackwood/231/208/2502


What’s New @ Adoness

What’s new at Adoness? Lady Butterfly nais and ring! Lady Butterfly comes in 6 magical colours. Please visit our main store to get a demo.




A new adition to our corset line. Concordia comes in 6 colors



What’s New @ Adoness

adoness-days of corsets

DAYS OF CORSETS (February 20th – 28th)

This event is all about tiny waists, bucks, buttons, laces, boning, ribbons,.. Yes… CORSETS!

Each day, at approximately the same time (4am SLT), a new corset will be set out for only 20 L$. This offer will remain for the next 24 hours.
Corset from the previous day will stay available in the treasure chest behind the current offer, however it will no longer be heavily discounted!

Adoness: Mainstore

Today’s Offer: Eurydike
Monday’s Offer: Drioma

v-eurydike-wilde cherry  v-drioma-wisdom



What’s New @ Adoness

New colour, new price! This item is available only on Marketplace for a heavily discounted price.

Click here to find this offer: http://tinyurl.com/nymphalidae-50L



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