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Mesh Nails and more @[VIRTUAL/INSANITY]


We are coming with a bunch of new mesh nails packs this week.
This collection of nails is MESH. Our mesh nails are resizable from size 0 to 50 and dedicated to women avatars.
Each nails pack include 8 textures and is driven by a HUD.


Choc Chunks

Tiare One

Tiare Two




Sir Hiss, released in 12/12

We also have a GROUP GIFT for our SL based group named [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] FANS GROUP.
To get the gift, wear the group tag and click the poster in the main hall @the mainstore.

And this pack will be available at an event. SLURL

We also made new sculpted SHORT NAILS, you’ll find those at the mainstore. Perdita nails inspired by dalmatians.

And three items are still available at another event ! SLURL

Enjoy !

Our QR code :

New MESH nails and more @[VIRTUAL/INSANITY]

To TP to [VIRTUAL/INSANITY], click here or check out our MP here.

We are releasing this week 12 packs of MESH nails in this very shape we called SQUARE.
Each pack is made of left and right hand plus a HUD and a nails base.
The nails base is used to cover your skin’s original nails to make the nails look awesome.
The left and right hands are unique attachments. You won’t need to wear a size 10, 20 or 30 anymore. You’ll just need to attach that.
Then you’ll can chose your size using the HUD. Click resize, enter your hands size, you’re done, it will resize !
The HUD includes a color palette made of 8 textures.
All of those 12 packs are PLAIN. More will come very soon with different patterns and fun stuff !

Here are the twelve packs previews :

We are also releasing two new versions of our MESH ring and associated claws, NABOO !
On top of that, a funny dice ring has been released !
And last but not least, we are releasing 3 exclusives for an event we can’t name here (you’ll can find more info on our flickr account) , under the horror theme !

Our flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/virtualinsanitysl
Our tumblr : http://virtualinsanitysl.tumblr.com/
Enjoy xx

[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] is nailing you down

To TP to [VIRTUAL/INSANITY], click here or check out our MP here.

Here we go with two new collections of nails this week and two exclusive items for an event !

The collection is made of three nails packs of the same kind (short nails) available individually. It includes as usual 8 textures each.

The collection is made of three different styles of nails packs (round, short, square) and includes the same 8 textures each.

These nails have been created for a special event. If you want to know more, please click here.

Most of our recent events items have now been added to the mainstore including these : 


Enjoy xx !


Visit our MAINSTORE and sim !


A set of new claws/nails for girls is now available @an event ! The price is 90L and it will be out there for a few weeks !
3hands sizes and a nails base are included. Check the demo poster to find out about the different features !

Click here to tp to the event. More details on our blog.


GALA PHOENIX FUNDRAISER is still going on @Truth District. Please note that the items are now available @our mainstore’s landing point.
50% of the sales will go to Gala in the aim to help her in her fight against content theft. You’ll can find LUCKY STROKE CIGGIES in summer colors and aztec nails. Those are exclusive and won’t be resold after the event.

NEVER SAY NO PANDA NAILS are available for half price @some other event !
Check out our blog to find out more. http://virtualinsanitysl.tumblr.com/
You can find the item here.


Enjoy xx


Visit our MAINSTORE and sim !


To visit [VIRTUAL/INSANITY], please click here

Two new cigarettes packs :

A new set of earrings :

Two new nails packs :

And we are having a sale on all of our cosmetics (make ups and nails included) until friday the 6th !

To visit [VIRTUAL/INSANITY], please click here
Our blog : http://virtualinsanitysl.tumblr.com/

[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] New Bunch of Short Nails in Different Textures Packs

Check out our mainstore here and our blog there.


Ohai !

Last week, I was writing here that we have released a new STYLE/shape of nails called SHORT NAILS. I was showing off the first packs released.
I have a bunch of NEW ONES this week !

Check this out !

A little explanation : This is the demo poster for our new SHORT NAILS. It represents the style, size and shape of the SHORT NAILS. For each style of nails, we have a poster of that kind. On the poster, you’ll find a DEMO of our nails and a list of features plus a picture of one finger showing the SHAPE of the nail.
At the mainstore, on the right of this poster, you’ll find the textures packs. The texture packs are like those under this text. A pack can include six to ten textures, most likely it will be different colors or patterns. It means that if the nails are called “SHORT NAILS – Fluffy Bunny”, you’ll get the nails with ONLY the bunny textures. 8 ones in this case. You’ll not get it in plain or in another color or in black or whatever. Just THAT very pack of textures.

This is one of our SHORT nails packs called “Fluffy Bunny”.

This is our “fruity summer” short nails available for half price this week-end until tonight sunday at midnight. Check it out at the mainstore on the white tables.

Here are our short nails in HIBISCUS. Those are available here for 90L.

Here are our short nails in “kitty kitty”, a white cat inspired set of nails.

And here are finally our “Never say no, Panda” nails.

All of these are available @the mainstore except for the Hibiscus available at the place out there.

Check out our mainstore here and our blog there.


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