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Whats new @ SYSY’s: Mix!

Hello everyone,

There’s a brand new shopping event in SL: MixEvents SL. Mix is completely new as it is not an event where all the creators come together at one place, but its a HUD based system where creators offer special items in their own mainstores! To read all info, visit the Mix website here.


You can get your HUD for free either from the MP, via the MIX group or on the MIX website. Don’t like HUDS? A Notecard with participating creators and direct LM’s is included in your package aswell!

For this first round of Mix, i’ve made a special exclusive edition of my Switch miniskirts, exclusive in this case meaning truely exclusive, it will only be on sale for this month and after that never sold again, anywhere. This version is also updated with a SLink Physique fitted mesh included aswell as standard sizing. It works with the alpha zones of the Maitreya Lara body aswell!

Pick it up in my mainstore, and use the HUD to visit your favorite stores to see their offerings!

Hope you enjoy this first round :)


Whats new @ SySy’s?

Hi there,

Hope everyone has had a happy Easter! SySy’s is participating in 2 exciting events, both of which are opening today. First off, 21Shoe event. Those of you familiar, know its only a 24 hour lasting event so you want to be fast with this one! You get two pairs of exclusive shoes for the price of one, ONLY today (April 21st) and ONLY for 24 hours!

For more info and other participants visit: 21 Shoe


Up in SYSY’s mainstore

As you can see, the blocky Mary Janes are a brand new release, and other colors have been released in the mainstore aswell :)

Secondly,  there’s a brand new round of the Fantasy Collective, themed pirates! For this occasion i’ve made pirate-y type shoes, but with heels and still stylish! Available only at the TFC event, which will run for a month.


Visit the Fantasy Collective

Hope you enjoy all these,

// SySy

Whats new @ SYSY’s


As the SYSY’s mainstore is undergoing a new look, there’s a new release for you waiting: Leya high pumps! The Leya pumps are made to work with the SLink *high* feet only. They come in 12 lovely colors, 6 toned down for everyday wear and 6 vibrant colors for a night out!


Out at the mainstore & at the marketplace!

// SySy

Whats new @ SYSY’s

Hi everyone,

Lots of newness is coming your way these days, as SYSY’s is participating in two events: The Fantasy Collective  My Attic!

For the Fantasy collective, you can get these Devilish shoes for the high SLink feet with devil ears, exclusive to the event!


And for a gatcha, you can get the Mary Jane flats with wings, for 50L a play:


For my Attic this round, the theme is “My favorite things”…now, I do have alot of those, but boho type skirts and shoes are ALWAYS a favorite. So I made a nice boho feel long skirt with sash (comes with a HUD with 6 texture options) and a straps version of the Mademoiselle shoes in 12 new colors! All items are as always L$95 for 10 days at my attic, so snag your chance :)



Your Taxi to The Fantasy Collective

Your taxi to My Attic 

Enjoy! //SySy

Whats new @ SYSY’s?

Leaving the old and starting the new year with a BANG, introducing you with….SHOES! :)

The Mademoiselle shoes SLink add-ons are available at SYSY’s mainstore and at the marketplace now.

They are made for the SLink **high** feet only, and come in 8 warm suede tones. Demo’s are available, feel free to try some.


I’m very excited about this release, as its my first shoes I’ve ever done. Hope you enjoy them and I’m wishing you a fantastic new year!

// SySy

Whats new at SYSY’s

Goodday dear readers!

Here’s a brand new release i’m really proud off: Denim and tweed skirts! I noticed there aren’t many denim mesh skirts around in SL, unless they are really really incredibly mini, but I had trouble finding a nice lenght casual denim miniskirt. So i took a month and made them. Six colors for the denims are availalbe, 6 colors for the tweed variant. I hope you enjoy them!



Demo’s and fatpacks available in world & on the marketplace.

Also let me take this oppurtunity to thank all of you who made donations for the Serious Request donation drive! I’m really happy to see so many of you came out and purchased the limited edition dress or just made a donation, I have some generous customers! The donation drive is still going, all the info about this is in the mainstore if you click the buttons you can get a note with everything explained, or click here to read the blogpost. The Limited edition dress is also still up for sale!

The auction of the one of a kind gowns will be in the week of Dec. 14-20, i’ll announce the exact date and time for that soon!
Again thank you so much and your support is SO appreciated. I’m going to pick 5 random people who donated in the end on Dec. 20 and give them some giftcards as a thank you!

T/c, SySy

Whats new @ SYSY’s & Halloween gift

Hey everyone!

As Halloween is approaching, I decided to make 1 special color of my new release The Cirella Babydoll dresses as a Halloween gift for you all :) You can pick it up for free in the middle of my mainstore.
Cirella is a baby doll sexy short dress with a sash on the waist. It comes in 10 colors suitable for fall, but also with a splash of fresh color! The pumpkin color is only available as a Halloween gift for free untill halloween is over.
Hope you enjoy!



Taxi to mainstore
Shop Marketplace


Whats new @ SYSY’s: Tights & Socks!


A new release warm comfy overknee socks and woolen tights is just out, as we proceed the fall season. Big variety of colors and made to work with the SLink Avatar Enhancement System, so can be worn with your mesh feet or just on the good old regular avatar :)

Each pack comes with 6 colors to choose from controlled by a hud.



Up in the mainstore & at the Marketplace!


Whats new for SYSY’s

Goodevening (or morning, or noon, or night depending where you are on the globe!),

A bit late to inform you that SYSY’s is participating in this round of The Boutique by the Liason Collaborative, which is running from Sept. 15 untill October 12th, so there’s still plenty of time to hop on over and see whats for sale! The theme of this round is “Fifth Avenue” and besides my own contribution, there are some lovely items for sale by some awesome creators from around the grid!
I contributed some classic “princessy” mesh gowns with a mermaid bottom. They come in a variety of vivid colors and are material enabled, fitting the 5th Avenue theme!


Taxi to The Boutique

Hope you enjoy these and stay tuned for a brand new release for My Attic coming up September 21st!


Whats new @ SYSY’s

Hello there,

The new round of Collabor88 has just opened and SYSY’s is featured as a guest designer this month :) Falling into fall is the theme at c88 and I made Chemise t shirt dresses which you can wear casually but also completely dress up! They come in 12 colors and are only available at c88 for the month of September. Discounted fatpack is available aswell, hope you enjoy!


Taxi to C88



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