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[ kunst ] – Ashtray v3 set

[ kunst ] - Ashtray v3 set / Full pack[ kunst ] - Ashtray v3 set / Full pack[ kunst ] - Ashtray v3 set / Full pack[ kunst ] - Ashtray v3 set / Full pack[ kunst ] - Ashtray v3 set / Full pack[ kunst ] - Ashtray v3 set / Full pack

[ kunst ] - Ashtray v3 set / Full pack[ kunst ] – Ashtray v3 set / Full pack

★Complete ashtray set★

•Set of 4 ashtray models, 3 lighters and 2 cigarette boxes

•Great for club, bar, cafe and home.


► Technical information:

» Ashtrays:

•Land impact: 2 (with scripts); 1 (once scripts deleted) 
•Materials enabled 
•LOD: High 
•5 body and 4 metal colors, combinable 
•7 ultra realistic low lag smoke particles 
•Show / hide shadow 
•3 access levels (owner, group or anyone) 
•Delete scripts option (smoke still working without scripts) 

» Lighters:

•3 different colors 
•Land impact: 1 
•Shadow face: Yes 
•Materials enabled 
•LOD: High


» Cigarette boxes:

•2 different colors 
•Land impact: 1 
•Shadow face: Yes 
•Materials enabled 
•LOD: High

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New Release from BRAVURA! Homme

Cool Formal Jacket POSTER

Today, BRAVURA! Homme releases their s’Exclusive Cool Formal Jacket with Shirt and Tie. Very trendy, smart and looks just great worn with a smart pair of jeans. It is available in 4 standard  mesh sizes and comes in 8 stunning colour ways, all with hand drawn textures. An ideal garment to wear for the more formal parties that abound during the forthcoming holidays :) Enjoy! Pictures of all the colours can bee seen @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/bravura-homme/  or http://martydalglish.blogspot.com

Marty Dalglish -

BlogFBFlickrMarketplaceBRAVURA! Homme

Outdoor Chair with Canopy

Chair With Canopy

Chair With Canopy

Great outdoor chair with 6 sit animations to use around the pool comes in 2 shades.

New Shoe for SLINK High Feet – Strapped High Heels “Brittany”

Hello Girls,

Today we have 1 new Release for you … for SLINK High FeetStrapped High Heels “Brittany”. We hope that it is also something for your taste :)

PC Strapped High Heels _Brittany_ -  Slink High Wandbild1

Attention, showing .::PiNK CHERRY::. Strapped High Heels “Brittany” in 5 Colors,

there are only exclusive in WEIB SPECIAL SALE ROOM from 1 November – 30 November:


[ kunst ] – Timmy’s treasures

… discover the story of little Timmy and his toy piano …

Exclusive @ Uber

Halloween and Hunt at BRAVURA! Homme

New for you at the BRAVURA! Homme Main Shop

Great Halloween gift! A complete “Trick or Treat” Outfit with awesome “Bones” sunglasses. Simply click on the pumpkin!

BRAVURA! Homme Trick or Treat Man

And our NEW Hunt outfit! A full Suit/Shirt/Tie in the HOT colours of Fall/Winter “Tobacco”.


Best Wishes,
Marty Dalglish – BlogFBFlickrMarketplaceBRAVURA! Homme

Awesome Men’s Overall with HUD from BRAVURA! Homme

The BRAVURA! Homme Men's Overall with HUD

There really is not too much that can be said about the New BRAVURA! Homme Men’s Overalls with HUD.. One word will suffice “AWESOME!” The Fit, The Texture Selection, simply everything about this garment is great. Let the photograph’s say it all. Best to pop down to their Main Shop and try on the DEMO for yourself.  Your Taxi

Mens Overall HUD Face2

Mens Overall HUD Face3

Mens Overall HUD Face4

Best wishes,
Marty Dalglish BlogFBFlickrMarketplaceBRAVURA! Homme

BRAVURA! Homme Releases NEW Winter Scarves!

Today BRAVURA! Homme release their new range of winter scarves. There are two designs, front/back Fold and a Tube version. They both have the very good Bosh resize script. Non-Rigged mesh and so very easy to position.

Made with very warm knitted wool in a variety of colours. The “tube” is unisex and the “Front/Back Fold” comes in Male and Female versions. They are available individually or as a “Fatpack”

Scarf Front Back Fold Blue Scarf Front Back Fold Tobacco Scarf Tube Lime Scarf Tube Pink_001


Best wishes, Marty Dalglish

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.::PiNK CHERRY::. New Releases Peep Tie Booties “Nadine” & Gathered Dress Outfit “Michelle”

Hello Girls,

Today we have 2 new Releases for you … Peep Tie Booties “Nadine” for Slink High FeetGathered Dress Outfit “Michelle” and we hope that it is also something for your taste :) The new Releases are now available in our Mainstore. And here they are …

New Release 1: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Peep Tie Booties “Nadine” for Slink High Feet -MESH- in 6 Colors


PC Peep Toe Booties _Nadine_ - Slink High Wandbild1

New Release 2:  .::PiNK CHERRY::. Gathered Dress Outfit “Michelle”-MESH- in 6 Colors


PC Gathered Dress Outfit _Michelle_ - Wandbild1

Hope you like it :-)

[ kunst ] – October releases

           [ kunst ] – Kunsteiner glass set                       [ kunst ] – Kunsteiner taps set

[ kunst ]  - Kunsteiner glass set[ kunst ] - Kunsteiner taps set

                  [ kunst ] – Work tables                                      [ kunst ] – The Brick

[ kunst ] - Work tables [ kunst ] - The Brick



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