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What’s New @ Avatar Bizarre – The Ghost of Marley


Ghost of Marley partial mesh suit, just in time for Christmas!  Modify and Copy.
Rigged chain (glow set to 10%)
Unrigged attachments
- Coat collar
- Cravat (glow set to 10%)
- Coat cuffs
- Pants cuffs
- Coat tail
- Shoes
System layers
- Coat
- Waistcoat (top and bottom pieces)
- Pants (two layers)
- Stockings
- Alpha for shoes

Available in six colors.  Violet, White, Copper, Green, Patina, Silver.  475L
Inworld and on the Marketplace
Blogged at AvatarBizarre.wordpress.com

AB Ghost of Marley Violet


Pure Poison FASHION New at What’s New SL PROMO

Pure Poison FASHION New at What's New SL PROMO

.::Pure Poison::. FASHION is New at What’s New SL
As newly accepted in What’s New .::Pure Poison::. makes you a great surprise, with this occasion we will present you a special PROMO:
The Sparkling Dress Collection – for ONLY 55L$ each.
3 More colors available:



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