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What do Man’s Best Friend, Safety Pins and Pirates have in Common?

Well, what DO they have in Common?… The new UNeck Shirt from BRAVURA! Homme. Manly, Great Cut, and some whimsical textures.. You Guessed it… the textures represent Man’s Best Friend, Safety Pins, and Pirates. A wonderful new take on the common Tee Shirt! All mesh and available in Fitmesh1 – Fitmesh2 – L – M – S. Although mainly for standard avatar’s, with carful use of the Alpha textures that come with your MESH BODY, you will find that these Uneck’s (Fitmesh1 or Fitmesh2) will fit snugly!

The Uneck’s team up perfectly with the New release by BRAVURA! Homme, of their Canvas Urban Shorts. Also mesh and available in XL –  L –  M – S – XS.  Extremely smart urban wear!

Here they are…

Man’s Best Friend – Subtle colouring and very, very smart!

Safety Pins – A good solid and whimsical urban look!

Pirates – A new take on the skull and cross bones!

New Canvas Urban Shorts!

BRAVURA Urban Canvas Shorts POSTER




Do pop down to BRAVURA! Homme and try on for size. You will enjoy the experience.

Best Wishes,

Marty Dalglish –  BlogFBFlickrMarketplaceBRAVURA! Homme Main Shop

BRAVURA! Homme July Group Gift now available.

Group Gift July 2015

What a fun, and very wearable gift from BRAVURA! Homme. You guys are going to love this one!

All Mesh Vest with “Safety Pin” fabric and Mesh loose belted Striped shorts.

Pop down to BRAVURA! Homme and grab yourself a set!

Best Wishes,

Marty Dalglish –  Blog – FB – Flickr – Marketplace – BRAVURA! Homme Main Shop

Somnia is ready for spring!

Hai there you cute little pips,

♥ It is time for Lazy Sunday again and as I am running late I will leave my item out until Tuesday! It is only 75L for the set!

I don’t know about all of you but I am so behind ready for spring to come and this dress set totally embraces that springy feeling!
.: Somnia :. Janella Ad

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ It is time for the Bi-Annual Cart Sale! Everything there is ONLY TEN LINDENS!! Yes you read that right only 10L So be sure to pop over!

All these are special colors that may not be available again so if you like them grab them now!
.: Somnia :. Foxy Set Specials Ad
.: Somnia :. Sheeny Specials Ad
.: Somnia :. Wave of Passion Specials Ad
.: Somnia :. Spring Fling Specials Ad

Nail sets again only 10L all new! They will work for Slink, Belleza and Omega systems!
.: Somnia :. Drippy Black Special Ad
.: Somnia :. Dual Drippy Special Ad
.: Somnia :. Summer Fruits Ad

There is a free gift here also so be sure to grab it while you are there!

Only at Somnia at The Cart Sale – Heat Wave

♥ We are mostly caught up with Marketplace listings and everything that was retired is now heavily marked down on the marketplace you can see the retired items with the link below. Or just search Somnia’s Store for Retirement.

Only at http://bit.ly/MarketplaceRetirement

♥ Also Somnia is always looking for good bloggers, so if you are a blogger and interested please check out the app below

Blogger app here – http://bit.ly/SomniaBloggerApp
Somnia is looking for Bloggers

All my love and thanks ❤

Stiletto heels for TMP Ouch and SLINK high!

Perfect for Summer!

NEW s'Exclusive Gully Pants from BRAVURA! Homme

NEW s’Exclusive Gully Pants from BRAVURA! Homme

BRAVURA! Homme have just released two new garments that are ideal for summer. The s’Exclusive Gully Short Pants are available in 9 colours and each come with a variety of belts. A fat pack of all colours is also available. Simply put, these Short Pants are modern, stylish and may be dressed up or down.

NEW Linen Weave Open Shirt from BRAVURA! Homme

NEW Linen Weave Open Shirt from BRAVURA! Homme

The second release is the Linen Weave Open Shirt with short sleeves that are “tabbed”. On tab flaps loose and the other buttoned. The Linen weave texture is awesome and comes in 5 very wearable shades. A  fat pack is also on offer.

Pop down to BRAVURA! Homme and try on for size. You will not regret having these in your wardrobe!

Best Wishes,

Marty Dalglish –  BlogFBFlickrMarketplaceBRAVURA! Homme Main Shop

BRAVURA! Homme Option 1 - 512x512

BRAVURA! Homme TG’s Version 2 Released

BRAVURA! Homme Tough Guy Poster

The BRAVURA! Homme ever popular Tough Guy (TG’s) pants version2 has been released. Due to many requests from clients, the garment has been updated and revamped. There are 12 to choose from.. 3 Camo’s, 5 Denims and 4 Solids. All are available in Standard Mesh Sizes XL-L-M-S-XS and come with the necessary Alpha. A Fatpack with all 12 is available at a discounted price.

BRAVURA Homme TG Denim Greyish BRAVURA Homme TG Denim Light Blue BRAVURA Homme TG Denim Brown BRAVURA Homme TG Denim Blue BRAVURA Homme TG Denim Beige

BRAVURA Homme TG Raven BRAVURA Homme TG Olive BRAVURA Homme TG Charcoal BRAVURA Homme TG Bag Brown

BRAVURA Homme TG Camo Grey BRAVURA Homme TG Camo Green BRAVURA Homme TG Camo Brown

Pop down to the Main Shop and try on for size!

Best Wishes,

Marty Dalglish –  BlogFBFlickrMarketplaceBRAVURA! Homme Main Shop

Somnia is Spring Cleaning

Hai there you squishy fluffy butts,

♥ First thing is Somnia is having a SALE!!!!! Everything in the store is 50 – 70& off* It is time to make room for new things so many items will be retired to the marketplace afterwards.

*Excludes marketplace, gift cards and current event items.
.: Somnia :. Spring Cleaning Sale

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ There is a brand new event !nterlude! Creators were asked to pick from a list a song that inspired them. I chose Here Come the Sun by The Beatles.

My favorite time of year is when spring and summer start to show up. With this in mind I did several variations of the Sunny theme but I also did a few for the Not Sunny side. As you can’t really enjoy the sun until you have been without it for a little while.

The boots are compatible with the Slink High Feet but are not required. The nail polishes will work with Slink 2.0, Belleza and Omega.
.: Somnia :. Atmospheric Ad
.: Somnia :. Overcast Boots Ad
.: Somnia :. Weathervane Ad

And a free gifty!

Only at Somnia at !nterlude

♥ It is my honor to have been asked to place an item at Free Dove. To help new and old residents alike. This set is of course FREE. It includes a top, jeans, shoes and 10 nail polishes.

.: Somnia :. For Free Dove Ad

Also there is a hunt at Free Dove for April and I have hidden 10 bags at Free Dove again all are free!

Free Dove Somnia April Hunt Poster

Only at 􀀒The Free Dove

All my love and thanks ❤

Nothing like a Well Dressed Up-To-Date Fashionable Man!

BRAVURA! Homme Tucked Shirt and Pants Poster 512x768

The “Tucked-in” shirt is back in fashion. Very trendy this season! BRAVURA! Homme have released a great selection of Shirt/Ties that tuck into a pair of very smart formal pants. The fit perfect and the look is clean, smart and very professional. A pair of formal black slip-on shoes finish the look.

HANGER BRAVURA Homme Tucked Shirt and Tie WHITE HANGER BRAVURA Homme Tucked Shirt and Tie PLAID HANGER BRAVURA Homme Tucked Shirt and Tie GREY HANGER BRAVURA Homme Tucked Shirt and Tie CHECKERED HANGER BRAVURA Homme Tucked Shirt and Tie BLACKHANGER BRAVURA Homme Formal Pants GREY HANGER BRAVURA Homme Formal Pants CHARCOAL HANGER BRAVURA Homme Formal Pants CAMEL HANGER BRAVURA Homme Formal Pants BLACKBRAVURA Homme Formal Slip on Shoes TRACE Black POSTER

BRAVURA Homme Formal Slip on Shoes Black POSTER

Pop down to the BRAVURA! Homme main shop and try the garment on. You are guaranteed a look that will be admired by all and sundry!

Best wishes,

Marty Dalglish –  BlogFBFlickrMarketplaceBRAVURA! Homme Main Shop

It Fits So Perfectly!

BRAVURA Homme Short Jacket POSTER1

What can be said about the new BRAVURA! Homme outfit! The “Short Jacket and Pants With HUD, is super smart, elegant and different! Depending on the textures you choose from the HUD you can be casual.. countryfied.. super smart.. modern.. but above all manly! You also have the option to wear the jacket without the shirt.. This helps enormously when you want to show off the new necklace you have bought :) The pants come with a great pocket chain.

BRAVURA Homme Short Jacket POSTER3 Without Shirt

All in all a real value for money outfit with a selection of 9 Jackets/Pants to choose from and an awesome 26 shirt textures..

BRAVURA Homme Short Jacket HUD2


BRAVURA Homme Short Jacket HUD3


BRAVURA Homme Short Jacket HUD4


BRAVURA GATCHA Flat Cap and Goggles

Outfit: NEW! – Short Jacket and Pants with HUD – BRAVURA! Homme

Headgear: Gatcha Flat Cap (With Goggles, not shown) 5 colours at – BRAVURA! Homme

Shoes: NEW! Alligator Shoes and Socks with HUD – BRAVURA! Homme

Jewellery: NEW! Heavy Chain Necklace in 3 colours-Bali Bracelet in Gold or Silver – BRAVURA! Homme

Pop down to BRAVURA! Homme and try one on for size.

Best wishes,

Marty Dalglish – Blog – FB – Flickr – Marketplace – BRAVURA! Homme Main Shop

Formal with a “Hint” of Casualness – Simply Awesome!

BRAVURA! Homme Formal Jacket and Pants wHUD

BRAVURA! Homme have just release an awesome new Formal Jacket and Pants with Mega HUD. The options are enormous and the mesh garment comes in the 5 standard sizes [XL – L – M – S – XS ] as well as FITTED Mesh. Not only is this a very smart and well textured garment, you can wear the Jacket or Pants as separates, giving your wardrobe [closet] a huge boost! The colours are a mixture of Traditional / Conservative as well as the fashionable colour trends for Spring/Summer 2015.

WOW! 7 Jacket/Pants, 10 Vest, 16 Shirt, 16 Tie and 8 belt colour options!

1 HUD b Formal Jacket

1 HUD c Formal Jacket

1 HUD d Formal Jacket

Best wishes,

Marty Dalglish –  BlogFBFlickrMarketplaceBRAVURA! Homme Main Shop


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