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It Fits So Perfectly!

BRAVURA Homme Short Jacket POSTER1

What can be said about the new BRAVURA! Homme outfit! The “Short Jacket and Pants With HUD, is super smart, elegant and different! Depending on the textures you choose from the HUD you can be casual.. countryfied.. super smart.. modern.. but above all manly! You also have the option to wear the jacket without the shirt.. This helps enormously when you want to show off the new necklace you have bought :) The pants come with a great pocket chain.

BRAVURA Homme Short Jacket POSTER3 Without Shirt

All in all a real value for money outfit with a selection of 9 Jackets/Pants to choose from and an awesome 26 shirt textures..

BRAVURA Homme Short Jacket HUD2


BRAVURA Homme Short Jacket HUD3


BRAVURA Homme Short Jacket HUD4


BRAVURA GATCHA Flat Cap and Goggles

Outfit: NEW! – Short Jacket and Pants with HUD – BRAVURA! Homme

Headgear: Gatcha Flat Cap (With Goggles, not shown) 5 colours at – BRAVURA! Homme

Shoes: NEW! Alligator Shoes and Socks with HUD – BRAVURA! Homme

Jewellery: NEW! Heavy Chain Necklace in 3 colours-Bali Bracelet in Gold or Silver – BRAVURA! Homme

Pop down to BRAVURA! Homme and try one on for size.

Best wishes,

Marty Dalglish – Blog – FB – Flickr – Marketplace – BRAVURA! Homme Main Shop

Formal with a “Hint” of Casualness – Simply Awesome!

BRAVURA! Homme Formal Jacket and Pants wHUD

BRAVURA! Homme have just release an awesome new Formal Jacket and Pants with Mega HUD. The options are enormous and the mesh garment comes in the 5 standard sizes [XL – L – M – S – XS ] as well as FITTED Mesh. Not only is this a very smart and well textured garment, you can wear the Jacket or Pants as separates, giving your wardrobe [closet] a huge boost! The colours are a mixture of Traditional / Conservative as well as the fashionable colour trends for Spring/Summer 2015.

WOW! 7 Jacket/Pants, 10 Vest, 16 Shirt, 16 Tie and 8 belt colour options!

1 HUD b Formal Jacket

1 HUD c Formal Jacket

1 HUD d Formal Jacket

Best wishes,

Marty Dalglish –  BlogFBFlickrMarketplaceBRAVURA! Homme Main Shop

THE Leather Jacket arrives from BRAVURA! Homme

The Leather Jacket POSTER Raven

A great looking NEW lightweight Leather Jacket arrives from BRAVURA! Homme. Available in 5 separate colours, each with its own HUD. This allows you to select a total of 24 different coloured and designs Tee Shirts. There are 11 Plain, 5 Graphic and 8 Camo fabrics to choose from. The colour choices available for each HUD are co-ordinated with the Jacket you decide to wear. Sizing is the Standard Mesh XL, L, M, S, XS and a FITTED mesh.

Here are the Jacket Colours with their respective HUD’s

BRAVURA! Homme The Leather Jacket MP Navy

BRAVURA! Homme The Leather Jacket MP Raven

BRAVURA! Homme The Leather Jacket MP Marsala

BRAVURA! Homme The Leather Jacket MP Grey

BRAVURA! Homme The Leather Jacket MP Bag Brown

Best wishes,

Marty Dalglish –  BlogFBFlickrMarketplaceBRAVURA! Homme Main Shop

2 new .::PiNK CHERRY::. Releases “Laneya” & “It-Girl”

Hello Girls,

Today  we have added 2 new Releases for you…. our latest Releases High Waist Minidress “Laneya”  &  our new Clubbing Dress “It-Girl” .

We hope that it is also something for your taste :) The new Products are now available in our Mainstore! And here they are …

New Release 1:  .::PiNK CHERRY::.   High Waist Minidress “Laneya” MESH – in 6 Colors


PC High Waist Minidress _Laneya_ - Wandbild1

New Release 2: .::PiNK CHERRY::.  Clubbing Dress “It-Girl” MESH – in 5 Colors


PC Clubbing Dress _It-Girl_ - Glitter Wandbild1

Hope you like it :-)

Overall SOLO Launched by Popular Demand!

Overall Solo POSTER - With Branding

Not very long ago, BRAVURA! Homme launched their Men’s Overall with HUD. This garment is a HUGE success and is creating a big stir among the Men of Second Life.

Today, due to great demand, BRAVURA! Homme Launch version 2. The Overall SOLO,  comes without the Tee and is an amazing garment to show off your tattoo’s and Jewellery. Available in four colours.

Overall Solo Black Overall Solo Dark Blue Overall Solo Light Blue Overall Solo Turqouise

Head off down to the Main Shop and try on a pair!

Best wishes,

Marty Dalglish –  BlogFBFlickrMarketplaceBRAVURA! Homme Main Shop

RAVE PANTS with HUD – Just in time for the Holiday Parties!

BRAVURA Homme Rave Pants Poster

Following on the huge success of the BRAVURA! Homme Overall, we released today our NEW RAVE Pants with HUD. So very versatile and with countless options available with the Mega HUD. Availble in the five standard mesh sizes, XL, L, M, S, XS, the pants also come with a cool set of earphones dangling from a back pocket. Overall a very well crafted pair of pants that form part of the BRAVURA! Homme s’Exclusive range.

Rave HUD1

Rave HUD2

Rave HUD3

Rave HUD4

Enjoy and do pop down and try one on for size.

Best wishes,

Marty Dalglish – BlogFBFlickrMarketplaceBRAVURA! Homme

BBBBRRRrrrrrrrrrrr it is COLD out there…..

Signature Coat Fur Beige_001

Wonderful news for all those men living in icy cold conditions at the moment! BRAVURA! Homme have just released exactly what you need. To keep you warm and HOT, the Perfect Mesh Signature Fur Coat available in 4 colours as well as  a great pair of rigged mesh Ostrich High Boots to keep the toes warm, also available in 4 colours. Both items come in the standard mesh sizes, Xl, L, M, S, XS.

 The SIGNATURE FUR COATSignature Coat Fur White2_001

Signature Coat Fur Grey2_001

Signature Coat Fur Black2_001

Signature Coat Fur Beige2_001


Ostrich Boots Black

Ostrich Boots Brown

Ostrich Boots Pale Tan

Ostrich Boots White

Pop down to BRAVURA! Homme and try them on for size.

Best wishes,
Marty Dalglish – BlogFBFlickrMarketplaceBRAVURA! Homme

Sage Does Black Friday

Holiday sets Black Friday Ad copy

Black Friday is on Sage’s roster and these fabulous mesh fashions can be yours for great prices for the holiday. Sage has created a variety of holiday-related outfits as well with gift packaging and transferable versions available for your holiday festivities. Find these amazing fashions and savings at Sage Fashions for Black Friday!

Holly Black Friday Ad copy

Holiday Coats Black Friday Ad copy

Paige Main sign copyPaige Black Friday ad copy


Shirley Main Sign copyShirley Black Friday Ad copy

Elle Black Friday Ad copy


Obsessing over Somnia

Hai there you gawjus catapillers,

♥ It is time for Lazy Sunday again and you can grab these sexy yet preppy dresses for only 75L a set!!
.: Somnia :. Kimella Darks Ad
.: Somnia :. Kimella Lights Ad

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ My Slink Obsession is open and I have some super cute things out for you!

Loving these sexy yet sweet tops. They come with all system layers as well as appliers for Slink Physique (Shirt & Underwear huds), Belleza Venus (Shirt and Underwear Huds), Wowmeh and Lola’s. Only 95L a set!
.: Somnia :. Javina Darks Ad
.: Somnia :. Javina Lights Ad

These jeans were always pretty popular and I had been meaning to do a ripped version for ages and well I finally did them LOL They come with all system layers as well as appliers for Slink Physique (Pants & Underwear/Stockings Huds), Belleza Venus (Pants & Underwear Huds), Wowmeh and Banned. Only 95L a set!
.: Somnia :. Vasara Denims Ad
.: Somnia :. Vasara Darks Ad
.: Somnia :. Vasara Lights Ad

Also these cute shoes which will match this weeks Lazy Sunday dresses. They will only work with the Slink High Feet. Only 95L a set!
.: Somnia :. Kimiko Darks Ad
.: Somnia :. Kimiko Lights Ad

Only at Somnia at My Slink Obsession.

♥ The Dirty Turkey hunt from Depraved Nation has started and you can get this exclusive set for FREE!
.: Somnia :. Kimella Ad for the Dirty TurkeyHunt

Hint is Mc Dreamy got scared by the gobble gobble so he stuffed the prize behind the pillow.

I also put out a set of shoes to match for only 75L
.: Somnia :. Kimiko Ad add on for the Dirty Turkey Hunt

For more info check http://depravednation.com/

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ Don’t Panic is going until the 17th so be sure to head over with some friends for a good scare and loads of prizes!!
For more info about the game please visit here.
Don’t Panic Starting Point
Don't Panic Sponsor Poster 4

From Somnia you will find these FREE gifts hidden in the rats all over the game! You will find the Earrings and Necklace Separately.
.: Somnia :. Ayane Halloween Ad
.: Somnia :. Lova Halloween Ad

Also at the end of the game be sure to visit the gift shop where you can find these new items at 50% off!

.: Somnia :. Lova Darks Ad
.: Somnia :. Lova Lights Ad
Only 75L per set.

.: Somnia :. Calais Denims Ad
.: Somnia :. Calais Darks Ad
.: Somnia :. Calais Lights Ad

Only 95L a set!

Only at Don’t Panic Gift Shop

♥ As the designers kits are now out for Belleza I am working on updating items to be compatible with the Belleza Venus Body as well as the Omega Applier System the first items to be updated are most of Somnia’s current nail polishes. Updates are being sent out to those of you who have purchased them you can also get the updated item by having it redelivered from the redelivery terminal at the front of the main store. You can find photos of the nail sets that have been updated here.

All my love and thanks ❤

BRAVURA! Homme Releases NEW Winter Scarves!

Today BRAVURA! Homme release their new range of winter scarves. There are two designs, front/back Fold and a Tube version. They both have the very good Bosh resize script. Non-Rigged mesh and so very easy to position.

Made with very warm knitted wool in a variety of colours. The “tube” is unisex and the “Front/Back Fold” comes in Male and Female versions. They are available individually or as a “Fatpack”

Scarf Front Back Fold Blue Scarf Front Back Fold Tobacco Scarf Tube Lime Scarf Tube Pink_001


Best wishes, Marty Dalglish

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