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Second Life freebie – MENstuff hunt gift – Jack!

[DBF] Jack skin shape TheMeshProject head body installers

MENstuff hunt has started! Deluxe Body Factory’s hunt gift is Jack skin and shape with The Mesh Project head AND body installers, SLINK hands and feet. The best part, it is free! This is an exclusive freebie skin pack only available for MENstuff hunt 2015. Don’t miss out on this bargain, tell your friends! Teleport: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hidden%20Village/171/85/1142

Hunt hint: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine …” Rememer to check out MENstuff blog page as well for more bargains: http://menstuff.stuff-sl.com/

Are you interested in more male skin installers for The Mesh Project with several facial hair options and 3 different skin tones? Check out Peter skin or Asian male Daichi skin, previously released.

Happy hunting!

Second Life dollarbie! For her hunt gift

[DBF] Summer ombre lipsticks For her hunt gift

Second Life dollarbie! Grab these gorgeous ombre lipsticks on tattoo layer as a 1L hunt gift in For her hunt. Hunt hints are available at the organizers website: https://missjewellevents.wordpress.com/

Interested in getting the same beautiful ombre listicks for your TMP or SLINK Visage head? Or perhaps PXL Sweetlips and Soul Kissers? Check out this post for the exclusives available at Penumbra Sneak Peek.

Happy Second Life dollarbie hunting!

Somnia Shines!

Hai there you glittery stars,

♥ My Slink Obsession is here again and I’ve got some new cuteness for you all!

Tops with all system layers, appliers for Slink Physique, Wowmeh, Lola’s and Banned all for only 95L a set!
.: Somnia :. Lootia Darks Ad
.: Somnia :. Lootia Lights Ad

Nail Polishes 75L a set!
.: Somnia :. Shooting Stars Darks Ad
.: Somnia :. Shooting Stars Lights Ad

Shoes they come with a HUD for texture change. You can mix and match lights and darks as well if you own both sets. They are fitted for the Slink High Feet!* Only 95L a set
.: Somnia :. Twinkle Toes Darks Ad
.: Somnia :. Twinkle Toes Lights Ad

*Please note the shoes only work with the Slink High Feet and the feet are NOT included.

Only at Somnia @ My Slink Obsession

♥ Fab Free is celebrating their 7th birthday with a mini hunt at their headquarters and I am excited to join. This is exclusive to the hunt so be sure to grab it for free before it is gone forever! Hunt runs until the 17th.

This set includes a mesh tank and panties in 5 sizes each. With a hud for texture change.
.: Somnia :. Celebration Ad

Only at Fab Free Headquarters

Please let me know if there are older items you would like to see be made compatible with the Slink Physique, Wowmeh, Banned or the Lola mesh breasts. You can IM me, send a notecard or drop a notecard in the suggestion box at the main store.

All my love and thanks ❤

Thrifty Somnia

Hai there you sparkley fireworks,

♥ I’ve got a buncha new releases and some fun event news for you all this week!

Super cute weave pattern skirts with a buckle close in 8 colors!
.: Somnia :. Bautios Ad

I am so loving these jeans in 9 colors and they are purrfect to go with the Lazy Sunday release this week!
.: Somnia :. Moochie Ad

Each set is only 200L each!

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ New release for Lazy Sunday!! See the other items for Lazy Sunday here.
An adorable tunic with a loving pair of love birds in 9 colors! Only 75L for the set until Monday!
.: Somnia :. Lovey Dovey Ad

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ The Thrift Shop is back for another round and I have two super cute releases there for you as well as a gifty! Remember everything there is 50% or more off including new releases! Take a look at all the new releases at The Thrift Shop here.

A simple cocktail dress that seems to have started the party early with a bit of bubbly!
.: Somnia :. Champagne Ad

More jeans but this time in 6 simple washes including a split wash also includes three tops to mix and match with them.
.: Somnia :. Twiggy Outfit Ad

Only at Somnia @ The Thrift Shop

♥ The February round of 25 for 25 has started and you can grab this special rainbow edition of the Ialaera dress/top
For more into and photos of all the prizes in the hunt visit here.

.: Somnia :. Ialaera Rainbow Ad

Hint: Silleh pillows are for sleeping on not for hiding!

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ The Jack or Jill hunt has started as well and you can grab this set free!
For more into and photos of all the prizes in the hunt visit here.

.: Somnia :. Lovey Outfit Ad

Hint: Have a seat and relax for a bit.

Only at Somnia Main Store

Whew all done I hope you enjoy everything!

All my love and thanks ❤

**** CLOSING SHOP HUNT@Abia Capalini Design ****

My last “gift” for all my fans and customers is a little one day shop hunt today….

10 black stars will be hidden, with my latest designs…good luck:)

Have a look at the discounts between 40-60% too….

Taxi to Abia Capalini Design

Abia Capalini Closing Sale shophunt

Mein letztes “Geschenk” an meine Fans und Kunden ist eine kleine Shophunt am heutigen Sonntag….

10 schwarze Sterne werden versteckt sein mit meinen letzten Designs….viel Erfolg:)

Schaut euch doch auch die Discounts zwischen 40-60% an…

Taxi: Abia Capalini Design

What’s New @ Adoness

the snowflake hunt - adoness


This is a store wide hunt which will brighten your winter closet. All you need to do is teleport to Adoness main store location and search for 10 snowflake objects. Snowflakes include mesh clothing, hair, eyes and accessories that will complete one amazing style.

Adoness – SLurl

Somnia gets sleepy

Hai there you adorable goblins,

I was asked to do more colors of the Pinned Courtesan set so I did!! Best part is they are set for only 75L for Lazy Sunday so hurry over and grab them before the price goes back up!
.: Somnia :. Pinned Courtesan White Set Ad
.: Somnia :. Pinned Courtesan Black Set Ad
Each set comes with five color options. The shirt comes in 5 sizes and there are 10 bras and 10 pairs of panties so you can mix and match!

Only @ Somnia Main Store

Also the yearly halloween game from Pulse Games is now oen and I’ve got to tell you I had a blast going through it! I’ve put out 5 prizes from Somnia you can find as you are wandering through plus prizes from over 20 other amazing designers!! Visit the blog or just grab your friends and get started HERE!!

Also there was a gift sent out this week to my VIP group if you join you will find it in the notices. It is FREE to join and you can look for Somnia under groups or just copy and paste this into chat and click secondlife:///app/group/30cdfb68-d63c-b9be-1a12-77515225b2f5/about

All my love and thanks ❤


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