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What’s New @ Adoness

the snowflake hunt - adoness


This is a store wide hunt which will brighten your winter closet. All you need to do is teleport to Adoness main store location and search for 10 snowflake objects. Snowflakes include mesh clothing, hair, eyes and accessories that will complete one amazing style.

Adoness – SLurl

New MESH nails and more @[VIRTUAL/INSANITY]

To TP to [VIRTUAL/INSANITY], click here or check out our MP here.

We are releasing this week 12 packs of MESH nails in this very shape we called SQUARE.
Each pack is made of left and right hand plus a HUD and a nails base.
The nails base is used to cover your skin’s original nails to make the nails look awesome.
The left and right hands are unique attachments. You won’t need to wear a size 10, 20 or 30 anymore. You’ll just need to attach that.
Then you’ll can chose your size using the HUD. Click resize, enter your hands size, you’re done, it will resize !
The HUD includes a color palette made of 8 textures.
All of those 12 packs are PLAIN. More will come very soon with different patterns and fun stuff !

Here are the twelve packs previews :

We are also releasing two new versions of our MESH ring and associated claws, NABOO !
On top of that, a funny dice ring has been released !
And last but not least, we are releasing 3 exclusives for an event we can’t name here (you’ll can find more info on our flickr account) , under the horror theme !

Our flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/virtualinsanitysl
Our tumblr : http://virtualinsanitysl.tumblr.com/
Enjoy xx

Newness at [IGNOTO]

After a long hiatus from creating in sl… I just couldn’t stay away! For the last couple of months I’ve been busy updating and retiring some of my old stock to make room for new sets. Hope you’ll be as happy as I am to have them in my closet.

The Hello Pritty Nail collection has 48 super kawaii textures. Everything a pampered avatar should have – kitties, glitter, crowns, pandas, ribbons and candy nail art, all in super sweet colors. The best part is both nail shapes and included and the polish changes with a click and an incredibly fast texture load time! 4 sizes, gloves, brightness and transparency controls included.

The Jenny Lingerie set is a little saucy so NSFW goes after the cut…

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