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New .::PiNK CHERRY::. MESH Ruffle Dress “Noemi” & Leather Jacket “April”

Hello Girls,

We have added 2 new Mesh-Outfits for you today and we hope that it is also something for your taste :)

The new Releases are now available in our Mainstore. And here they are …

New Release1: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Ruffle Dress “Noemi” -MESH- in 5 Colors


PC Ruffle Dress Noemi _Wandbild1

 New Release2: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Leather Jacket “April” -MESH- in 6 Colors


PC Leather Jacket  April - Wandbild1

 Hope you like it :-)

.::PiNK CHERRY::. Mesh Business Outfit “Jacky”

We have added a new Mesh-Outfit for you today

and we hope that it is also something for your taste :)

The new Release is now available in our Mainstore. And here it is …

the New Release: .::PiNK CHERRY::.  Business Outfit “Jacky” -Mesh in 8 Colors


PC Business Outfit Jacky - Leo Brown

PC Business Outfit Jacky

Playful Somnia

Hai there you snuggly jelly beans,

♥ My Attic has opened and I have two new items for you there! Only 95L each set!
They can totally be worn together or separately!
.: Somnia :. Cheerful Tanks Ad
.: Somnia :. Cheerful Pants Ad

Only at Somnia at My Attic!

♥ The Theme Park still open until the 5th so be sure to grab these tanks! Only 95L for the set!
.: Somnia :. Cupios Ad

Only at Somnia @ The Theme Park

♥ The Spring Wishes Market is open until the 30th so make sure you grab this set and the free gift before it is over! Only 95L for the set!
.: Somnia :. Athytia Ad

And a free gifty!
.: Somnia :. Nyitia Ad Hot Pink

Only at Somnia @ The Spring Wishes Market

♥ My dear friends Airedine & Sileny are celebrating 6 years of Adore&Abhor until the 16th!
So be sure to grab these exclusive outfits!! Each outfit is only 66L
.: Somnia :. Heart Patch Outfit Pink/Blue Ad
.: Somnia :. Heart Patch Outfit Blue/Pink Ad

Only at Somnia @ The Adore&Abhor Anniversary

♥ Don’t forget to stop by the annual Cart Sale at the Wash everything is only 10L!!
There is also a free gift there to grab!
Cart Sale Exclusive!
.: Somnia :. Morautia Ad Hot Pink
.: Somnia :. Hot Toddy Ad Wine
.: Somnia :. Zhevios Ad Brown
.: Somnia :. Regality Ad Olive
.: Somnia :. Ecliptic Vortex Ad Rose
.: Somnia :. Perky Frost Ad Yellow
.: Somnia :. Pussy Jumper Ad Lime
.: Somnia :. Bunker Pegs Ad Lavender

Only at Somnia @ The Cart Sale 2014

Whew that’s it for this week! I hope you all have a great weekend and remember to be kind to each other!

All my love and thanks ❤

Thrifty Somnia

Hai there you sparkley fireworks,

♥ I’ve got a buncha new releases and some fun event news for you all this week!

Super cute weave pattern skirts with a buckle close in 8 colors!
.: Somnia :. Bautios Ad

I am so loving these jeans in 9 colors and they are purrfect to go with the Lazy Sunday release this week!
.: Somnia :. Moochie Ad

Each set is only 200L each!

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ New release for Lazy Sunday!! See the other items for Lazy Sunday here.
An adorable tunic with a loving pair of love birds in 9 colors! Only 75L for the set until Monday!
.: Somnia :. Lovey Dovey Ad

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ The Thrift Shop is back for another round and I have two super cute releases there for you as well as a gifty! Remember everything there is 50% or more off including new releases! Take a look at all the new releases at The Thrift Shop here.

A simple cocktail dress that seems to have started the party early with a bit of bubbly!
.: Somnia :. Champagne Ad

More jeans but this time in 6 simple washes including a split wash also includes three tops to mix and match with them.
.: Somnia :. Twiggy Outfit Ad

Only at Somnia @ The Thrift Shop

♥ The February round of 25 for 25 has started and you can grab this special rainbow edition of the Ialaera dress/top
For more into and photos of all the prizes in the hunt visit here.

.: Somnia :. Ialaera Rainbow Ad

Hint: Silleh pillows are for sleeping on not for hiding!

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ The Jack or Jill hunt has started as well and you can grab this set free!
For more into and photos of all the prizes in the hunt visit here.

.: Somnia :. Lovey Outfit Ad

Hint: Have a seat and relax for a bit.

Only at Somnia Main Store

Whew all done I hope you enjoy everything!

All my love and thanks ❤

DE Designs – Crop Jackets and Paneled Pants

Mix and match this week with Leather and Suede Crop Jackets and Paneled Pants. I detailed the jacket up for this one with epaulettes, buttons and sleeve accents. Six colors available of each with 5 sizes, alpha layers and alpha textures.

Multipacks Available

Demos Available

Get it here In World

Get it here Online

4 new MESH Outfits @ .::PiNK CHERRY::.

4 new Mesh Outfits and they are now available in our New Mainstore. And here they are …

PC 4 New Mesh Outfits

New Release1: .::PiNK CHERRY::. “Casual Outfit “Enna” -Mesh in 4 Colors


New Release2: .::PiNK CHERRY::. “Spiked Tube Dress “Letizia” -MESH in 6 Colors


New Release3: .::PiNK CHERRY::. “Winter Outfit “Alecia” -MESH in 6 Colors


New Release4: .::PiNK CHERRY::. “Turtleneck Dress “Nadine” -MESH in 6 Colors


Dramatic Somnia

Hai there you big pieces of birthday cake,

♥ I’ve got some fun new releases for you all this week!

This high waisted skirt with houndstooth is purrfect for dressing up or down!
.: Somnia :. Cafios Ad

How can you lose with flutterbies!!!
.: Somnia :. Flutter Swish Ad

I am loving this tied plaid shirt! Purrfect with some cut off shorts or really anything!
.: Somnia :. Lumber Patch Ad

And last but not least my favorite item this week!! Drama School!!! LOLOL
.: Somnia :. Melodramatic Ad

Each set is only 200L each!

Only at Somnia Main Store.

♥ I refilled the riot vendors so grab your friends and see how low they can go!
.: Somnia :. Flirty Tessa Lights Ad
.: Somnia :. Flirty Tessa Darks Ad

Only at Somnia Main Store.

♥ New lucky boards this week! If you want to see what is currently in the lucky boards you can check out the set on flickr here. You can also click though on the photos below for a bigger version.

SomniaBoffleAdLavenderSomniaBoffleAdIce.: Somnia :. Boffle Ad Yellow.: Somnia :. Boffle Ad Wine.: Somnia :. Boffle Ad Rose.: Somnia :. Boffle Ad Powder.: Somnia :. Boffle Ad Peach.: Somnia :. Boffle Ad Olive.: Somnia :. Boffle Ad Lime.: Somnia :. Boffle Ad BrownSomniaZheviosAdLime.: Somnia :. Zhevios Ad Powder.: Somnia :. Zhevios Ad Peach.: Somnia :. Zhevios Ad Olive.: Somnia :. Zhevios Ad Lavender.: Somnia :. Zhevios Ad Ice.: Somnia :. Zhevios Ad Brown.: Somnia :. Tyasri Ad Yellow.: Somnia :. Tyasri Ad Rose.: Somnia :. Tyasri Ad Powder.: Somnia :. Tyasri Ad Peach.: Somnia :. Tyasri Ad Orange.: Somnia :. Tyasri Ad Olive.: Somnia :. Tyasri Ad Lime.: Somnia :. Tyasri Ad Lavender.: Somnia :. Tyasri Ad Ice.: Somnia :. Tyasri Ad BrownSomniaTyasriAdWineSomniaNyitiaAdPowderSomniaNyitiaAdWineSomniaNyitiaAdRoseSomniaNyitiaAdPeachSomniaNyitiaAdOliveSomniaNyitiaAdLimeSomniaNyitiaAdLavenderSomniaMorautiaAdOrangeSomniaMorautiaAdYellowSomniaMorautiaAdWine.: Somnia :. Morautia Ad Rose.: Somnia :. Morautia Ad Powder.: Somnia :. Morautia Ad Peach.: Somnia :. Morautia Ad Olive.: Somnia :. Morautia Ad Lime.: Somnia :. Morautia Ad Lavender.: Somnia :. Morautia Ad Ice.: Somnia :. Morautia Ad BrownSomniaMarionetteAdOlive.: Somnia :. Marionette Ad Yellow.: Somnia :. Marionette Ad Wine.: Somnia :. Marionette Ad Rose.: Somnia :. Marionette Ad Powder.: Somnia :. Marionette Ad Peach.: Somnia :. Marionette Ad Lime.: Somnia :. Marionette Ad Lavender.: Somnia :. Marionette Ad Brown

Only at Somnia Main Store.

All my love and thanks,
Sanura ♥

Semi Opaque Low Rise Hipster Stockings – with SLink Appliers

A first for Lacuna! We’re now in the hosiery business!

You can pick up our very first set of stockings which come in a pack of 4 colours, with the SLink Hud included from the Subscribo at the Main Store

If that wasn’t enough for you, you can also grab specially priced packs from My Attic for 95L each pack includes 12 colours & will be available at this price only until the 31st of January

Snowflake Cami Set – Seraphim Social

*Lacuna* Snowflake Cami Set

Latest release from Lacuna is the Snowflake Cami set, exclusive to the Seraphim Social Book Club on the Cleavage sim until the 31st of December.

Wintery Somnia

Hai there you beautiful fuzzballs,

I’ve got some new releases, some special stuff to tell you all about so how about we get down to it huh?

♥ First up are some normal releases!
This dress is so cute and I love the vertical stripes!
.: Somnia :. Snoogle Woogle Ad
How can you go wrong with Polka dots they go with just about everything!
.: Somnia :. Maiden Hussy Ad

Both sets for only 200L each!

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ Depraved Nation is holding a wonderful winter event called Frost and I have two new items there for you all at only 95L each set how can you go wrong!! Also make sure you visit the two trees in the centerish area there are loads of free gifts under them including 3 from Somnia!!
This sexy dress might not keep you warm but sure will look fab at all your holiday parties!
.: Somnia :. Hot Toddy Ad
This is a simple warm winter sweater to keep you nice and toasty!
.: Somnia :. Perky Frost Ad

Only at Somnia @ Frost

♥ It is time for Lazy Sunday again and I have yet another new release for you guys!
I love wild prints and this snake print is no exception!!
.: Somnia :. Tight Squeeze Ad

And only 75L until Monday morning!!
Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ I am excited to be apart of the Baby it’s cold outside event and I have a couple special items for you all here!! The event runs from Dec 14th to Dec 21st so don’t miss out!! There is also a small free gift there!
Only 10L
.: Somnia :. Pussy Jumper Ad Wine
Only 45L
.: Somnia :. Perky Frost Ad Powder

Only at Somnia @ The Baby it’s Cold Outside Cart Sale

♥ I am excited to be apart of the KittyCatS Advent Calender again this year and my day is the 15th but the great thing about their advent calender is if you miss a day you can go back and grab it until the Dec 30th and there has already been some GREAT gifts with of course more to come so don’t miss out!!
These adorable sweaters will be available in the advent calender!!
.: Somnia :. Pussy Jumper Ad

There are two locations you can get your gifts!
Advent Calender @ KittyCatS Main Store
Advent Calender @ KittyCatS Winterland

♥ The 25 for 25 hunt is still going until the 30th so don’t forget to grab this gifty now for only 25L!! For more info about the hunt and to see some of the other awesome prizes check out http://freebirdsl.wordpress.com/25-for-25-hunt/
Hint: “The kittehs got a bit distracted trying to hide the heart so I just left it lie, besides if I told them it wasn’t done very well they would pout and tear up the furniture”
.: Somnia :. Jailbird 25for25 Hunt Ad

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ Also I filled up some more lucky boards!! With frequent wild cards and the timer set to go every 2 minutes it should be to hard to collect them all!!
.: Somnia :. Wise Who Ad Yellow.: Somnia :. Wise Who Ad Olive.: Somnia :. Wise Who Ad Gray.: Somnia :. Jailbird Ad Yellow.: Somnia :. Jailbird Ad Wine.: Somnia :. Jailbird Ad Powder.: Somnia :. Jailbird Ad Olive.: Somnia :. Jailbird Ad Lime.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Yellow.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Rose.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Wine.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Powder.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Peach.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Lime.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Lavender.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Cream.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Brown

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ The Somnia inworld group has grown to over 1500 members and there have been loads of gifts sent out to celebrate every 100 members! There is also a special offer until Dec 17th that you can claim 500L worth of store credit just for being a group member. For More information about this offer click here!
.: Somnia :. Store Credit Gift


Whew that is it for this week but next week I will have loads more stuff for all of you :D

All my love and thanks ❤


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