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What’s New @ Avatar Bizarre

Genre runs from April 15 through May 12.

This month, Genre covers the WWII Big Band Era. All items at Genre are 100L or less.



Avatar Bizarre is happy to present some mesh zoot suits!  Be sure to get the demo before you buy.


Rigged mesh with unrigged shoes, hat, and collar/tie combo.  The shirt under the jacket is system layer.  Available in seven colors!


New .::PiNK CHERRY::. MESH Ruffle Dress “Noemi” & Leather Jacket “April”

Hello Girls,

We have added 2 new Mesh-Outfits for you today and we hope that it is also something for your taste :)

The new Releases are now available in our Mainstore. And here they are …

New Release1: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Ruffle Dress “Noemi” -MESH- in 5 Colors


PC Ruffle Dress Noemi _Wandbild1

 New Release2: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Leather Jacket “April” -MESH- in 6 Colors


PC Leather Jacket  April - Wandbild1

 Hope you like it :-)

.::PiNK CHERRY::. Mesh Business Outfit “Jacky”

We have added a new Mesh-Outfit for you today

and we hope that it is also something for your taste :)

The new Release is now available in our Mainstore. And here it is …

the New Release: .::PiNK CHERRY::.  Business Outfit “Jacky” -Mesh in 8 Colors


PC Business Outfit Jacky - Leo Brown

PC Business Outfit Jacky

Playful Somnia

Hai there you snuggly jelly beans,

♥ My Attic has opened and I have two new items for you there! Only 95L each set!
They can totally be worn together or separately!
.: Somnia :. Cheerful Tanks Ad
.: Somnia :. Cheerful Pants Ad

Only at Somnia at My Attic!

♥ The Theme Park still open until the 5th so be sure to grab these tanks! Only 95L for the set!
.: Somnia :. Cupios Ad

Only at Somnia @ The Theme Park

♥ The Spring Wishes Market is open until the 30th so make sure you grab this set and the free gift before it is over! Only 95L for the set!
.: Somnia :. Athytia Ad

And a free gifty!
.: Somnia :. Nyitia Ad Hot Pink

Only at Somnia @ The Spring Wishes Market

♥ My dear friends Airedine & Sileny are celebrating 6 years of Adore&Abhor until the 16th!
So be sure to grab these exclusive outfits!! Each outfit is only 66L
.: Somnia :. Heart Patch Outfit Pink/Blue Ad
.: Somnia :. Heart Patch Outfit Blue/Pink Ad

Only at Somnia @ The Adore&Abhor Anniversary

♥ Don’t forget to stop by the annual Cart Sale at the Wash everything is only 10L!!
There is also a free gift there to grab!
Cart Sale Exclusive!
.: Somnia :. Morautia Ad Hot Pink
.: Somnia :. Hot Toddy Ad Wine
.: Somnia :. Zhevios Ad Brown
.: Somnia :. Regality Ad Olive
.: Somnia :. Ecliptic Vortex Ad Rose
.: Somnia :. Perky Frost Ad Yellow
.: Somnia :. Pussy Jumper Ad Lime
.: Somnia :. Bunker Pegs Ad Lavender

Only at Somnia @ The Cart Sale 2014

Whew that’s it for this week! I hope you all have a great weekend and remember to be kind to each other!

All my love and thanks ❤

DE Designs – Caroun with Fitted Mesh

Think Spring! Caroun is available in a variety of colorblock styles, florals and embroidered lace.

Fitted Mesh as well as the traditional 5 Sizes.

Alpha layer and Alpha textures included.

Multipacks Available, Demo Available

Get it here In World

Get it here Online

What’s New @ Avatar Bizarre

AB Fennec Avatar Heliotrope

The Fennec Avatar is 100% original rigged mesh, and is now available inworld and on the Marketplace.  There are 11 fun colors, including a version for Saint Patrick’s Day (he has a shamrock on the backs of his hands).  Each avatar includes a full body alpha.  And last, but not least, you can  tweak the shape of your Fennec by editing (or making) your shape.

AB Fennec Avatar St. Patty

More pictures and info here.

DE Designs – High Waist Dresses with Fitted Mesh

High Waist Dresses this week in a series of styles. Four Leather combinations and Four Patterned combinations. The leathered includes materials, for those using supported viewers, which will give it a natural sheen.

I have Included both Fitted Mesh as well as the traditional 5 Sizes. I’ve done this because some viewers do not support fitted mesh yet. The good news is, once they do, you can switch to the Fitted Mesh version included.

Lola Tango Applier, Alpha layer, Alpha textures included.

Multipacks Available, Demo Available

Get it here In World

Get it here Online

Thrifty Somnia

Hai there you sparkley fireworks,

♥ I’ve got a buncha new releases and some fun event news for you all this week!

Super cute weave pattern skirts with a buckle close in 8 colors!
.: Somnia :. Bautios Ad

I am so loving these jeans in 9 colors and they are purrfect to go with the Lazy Sunday release this week!
.: Somnia :. Moochie Ad

Each set is only 200L each!

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ New release for Lazy Sunday!! See the other items for Lazy Sunday here.
An adorable tunic with a loving pair of love birds in 9 colors! Only 75L for the set until Monday!
.: Somnia :. Lovey Dovey Ad

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ The Thrift Shop is back for another round and I have two super cute releases there for you as well as a gifty! Remember everything there is 50% or more off including new releases! Take a look at all the new releases at The Thrift Shop here.

A simple cocktail dress that seems to have started the party early with a bit of bubbly!
.: Somnia :. Champagne Ad

More jeans but this time in 6 simple washes including a split wash also includes three tops to mix and match with them.
.: Somnia :. Twiggy Outfit Ad

Only at Somnia @ The Thrift Shop

♥ The February round of 25 for 25 has started and you can grab this special rainbow edition of the Ialaera dress/top
For more into and photos of all the prizes in the hunt visit here.

.: Somnia :. Ialaera Rainbow Ad

Hint: Silleh pillows are for sleeping on not for hiding!

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ The Jack or Jill hunt has started as well and you can grab this set free!
For more into and photos of all the prizes in the hunt visit here.

.: Somnia :. Lovey Outfit Ad

Hint: Have a seat and relax for a bit.

Only at Somnia Main Store

Whew all done I hope you enjoy everything!

All my love and thanks ❤

DE Designs – Crop Jackets and Paneled Pants

Mix and match this week with Leather and Suede Crop Jackets and Paneled Pants. I detailed the jacket up for this one with epaulettes, buttons and sleeve accents. Six colors available of each with 5 sizes, alpha layers and alpha textures.

Multipacks Available

Demos Available

Get it here In World

Get it here Online

Pure Poison NEW Group Gift

Pure Poison NEW Group Gift

Hellou Ladies, we have exciting news for you:
We want to make Mondays your happy day of the week
Is is possible?
Yes, from now one because we every Monday you will receive a NEW Group Gift from Pure Poison.
So now instead of 2 monthly gifts, you got 4 or some happy months even 5, that depending on how many Mondays we have on that month.

Find them@ Pure Poison FASHION

Other than that as you already know, there are more benefits for joining .::Pure Poison::. Group:

- Group – New Offers!
Pure Poison will release new item every Friday and we have a special discount program for our members, such as:

Group members will receive 50% off for one specific color of the new release and 20% off for the other available colors. We will announce which one of specific color every Friday!
Check for Group vendor ( highlighted in red) near the normal vendors.

We will also have a lucky draw program for our monthly customers and group members. The monthly prizes will now be:
1st winner – 6000L – Gift Card
2nd winner – 3000L – Gift Card
3rd winner – 1000L – Gift Card

Best Regards,
Pure Poison TEAM


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