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What’s New FAQ

What’s New was created to be used as a notice style blog.  The sole purpose of the blog is to allow many creators the chance to share their New releases, and Sales information to a broader audience.

Q. If I don’t already have a store blog can I still post on What’s New ?

A. Yes you can :) , some people don’t want to manage a full blog, some are also shy :). This way you can do a notice style post and reach a larger amount of people the same as if you had your own. If you do decide to start your own blog in the future you can still do posts on what’s New to get the maximum exposure for your products.

Q. Is there a limit to how many posts I can do in a week ?

A. No, there is no limit to how many posts you can do as long as they are about different items, you can not continue to post about the same product, repeat posts will be removed.

Q. If I release an item in 50 colours can I post all the pics on What’s New ?

A. I don’t think it is in your best interest to flood the blog with repetitive pictures. Do a main pic with numerous colours and then possibly one or two others, giving the readers a taste of your release is what you want to do with this blog, allowing them to come to your store to see more. If there are numerous colours be sure to write, more colours available at the store.

Q. Can I only post on Fashion in What’s New?

A. No, You can post on Gadgets/Scripted Items (no weapons that are actual weapons, accessories that look like weapons are ok), Homes and Commercial Prefabs, Household items such as furniture, Jewelry and Accessories, Poses and Animations. If at any time you are unsure of an item you can post on you can contact Sasy Scarborough in world and ask.

Q. Is nudity allowed on What’s New?

A. In the form of Skins advertisement then yes, unfortunatly though many people read blogs in the work place and also at home with children present, if you can alter your pics to be PG and still show the creations tastefully that is advisable and shows consideration to your customers, they can see the real ads in your store, and also try on demos.

Q. Can I post on this blog if I do not have a store ?

A. It is not necessary that you have an in world presence but you must have your items for sale on either Onrez or Xstreet SL, there is no point announcing items for sale without being able to give links to either an inworld location, or a site link they can purchase directly from. The intent of the creator should be to have a store in world in the future.

Q. Can I advertise items that I did not make myself but sell ?

A. If you are selling other peoples items, then it is in the best interest of all parties to get the original creator to join What’s New, so that would be a no. This does not include items you buy that make up part of your creation, in that case then yes, but the items must be legitimately the person you bought them froms work.

Q. If I steal things can I advertise them on What’s New and think people are silly enough not to realise ?

A. No, because we aren’t :) What’s New has caught two stores in the past for this exact thing, people are watching and people know. If at any time theft occurs and you are a What’s New author you and your posts will be removed. If you can prove that the theft accusations are unfounded, it will be at the discretion of the owner of What’s New to return your posting abilities.

Q. How can I be added to What’s New as a store ?

A. To be added to What’s New you will need to contact Sasy Scarborough by Notecard, the notecard will need to be titled What’ New Add Me (Store Name) and inside contain a LM to your store and your email address as well as the link to your store blog if you have one.  To make this process faster you need to be a member of Word Press, so do that in the mean time. If for any reason your store is not suitable for What’s New you will be informed, the only case I can think of that that would occur is if I fear the content is stolen.

More Faqs will be added as the need arises.


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