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What’s New @ LeLutka

June 24, 2012

Today LeLutka has three new hairstyles for release at the Lelutka mainstore. The styles are mesh, so that means that you will need to have a mesh enabled viewer. Two hairstyles are rigged mesh, the other is unrigged mesh with a rigged mesh add on attachment. One of the styles has three NEW texture packs, as the style was really enhanced by the LeLutka Fades. These packs are only available for the one style at this time, and may be available in new styles in the future, dependant on the style.
The hairstyles have demo’s available to try before you purchase, rigged mesh is not editable for size, but you can tint the hair in edit if you so desire.

Lelutka-Hair Release June 23rd, 2012

Cheryl (rigged mesh) – Summery, sleek and sexy. Cheryl is the hair that can take hours to achieve with lots of straightening tools and extra hands. Whether in casual jeans and a shirt or a more luxurious ensemble, this hair is eye-catching and is very reminiscent of statuesque icons of the past.

Cheryl has three NEW Fades texture packs, the Fades Pink, Fades Blu and Fades Natural. Each pack contains 8 options. The Cheryl hair is also tint editable, so if you use the ‘Select Face” option you can tint the roots of this style darker if you prefer – Mesh hair may need to be edited on the ground so that you can select the mesh pieces.

Fades Natural :

Fades Pink:

Fades Blu:

Cachet (rigged attachment only) – Cachet for work and play, this style comes with three options of wear.

– The piled high bun is tamed style with the occasional untamed tendril framing the face, the top knot bun gives it that out of the way look that works for every day, and even into the night.

– The second and third option is the beautiful layered length ponytail, first look has it cascading back from the base, creating a before or after the bun look, the third option is to remove the unrigged base, and wear it with a hairbase, the hairtie is texture change on click with 9 satin colours, to add a bit of colour to your do.

That is three looks from the one hair. LeLutka Hairbases are available for purchase in the LeLutka Hair department, and are the same bases you may have purchased previously.

Jolie_RM (rigged mesh) – This was a much requested style to be transferred into Mesh. The half updo is a style created with its namesake in mind, casual to elegant it will only depend on what you put into the look. The parted bangs frame the face as the hair is swept up and back, creating a touch of height, before falling long and layered down the back. The hair is split at the side with soft waves brought forward across one shoulder, which now with mesh means it will move with you.

– To super-enhance your Jolie experience, add the pony from Cachet and you have an even fuller style that is just divine.
LeLutka hair is also available on Marketplace for ease of purchase.


Gifting is also available in the Lelutka Mainstore, and all purchases in the main store will be available for redelivery using the in store redelivery terminal.

LeLutka Mainstore

Thank you
Lelutka Team


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