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MANDALA Summer Collection pt.2

June 25, 2012


Hi Fashionista

This time, all items were produced according to requests from
customers who love MANDALA.


[HOKUSAI bracelet set] Unisex, 6 colors available.

It looks like a watch, but the needles are not moving. So this is a bracelet.

Two type of shape (formal and cuff type), two metallic colors.

Hokusai is a master of Ukiyoe, Japanese wood block prints in early Edo Period in Japan who is my highly esteemed artist.



[ONIGIRI necklace Unisex  & ONIGIRI earrings for female,3 colors available.

Onigiri is a name of Japanese food which is a rice ball.

Onigiri is made by holding and balling up by hand.

Conveying a meaning to grasp luck by hand.

t is a double necklace, but each of them can be worn independently.



[UTAMARO bracelet] Unisex,2 types of metallic colors, 6 colors available.

The design looks pained, but it is rather recommended to go together with classy dress that is not casual.

Utamaro is also a name of Japasese Ukiyoe artist.



[KOOKAI BELT SEASON 2] Unisex, 10 colors available.

I believe in Buddhism (Shingon-shu).

Kookai is a name of a Japanese monk in Heian Period who is the originator of Shingon-shu.



[PEARL RAIN season 2 BRACELET], 8 colors available.


[OMOCHI Bracelet], 6 colors available.

The necklace has been on sale already.

Please use this together with the necklace that was sold in advance.

have fun 🙂




kikunosuke eel 鰻 菊之介



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