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Somnia sings Soft Kitteh

August 29, 2012

Hai there you adorable fluffy peeps,

A friend and fellow creator cat was hit by a care recently, Archie managed to make it home but now he is in need of a lot of medical care so there is a small fund raiser to help with the costs. I made these adorable short mesh tees with Soft Kitteh on them, I have to admit I have yet to take mine off since I finished them I just adore them so much, I hope you like them as much. There are 8 colors in 5 sizes each, they also come with the alpha layer as well as alpha textures in case you would like to modify them AND the full set is only 100L and is donating 100% To the Archie Appeal until it ends on September 2nd then they will be in the main store at full price.
.: Somnia :. Soft Kitteh Tops Ad

Only @ Somnia @ Archie Appeal
For more info please check the Seraphim Post.

Reminder the Cart Sale is still running until Sept 5th and as always EVERYTHING is only 10L.

.: Somnia :. Criss Cross Waders Ad
.: Somnia :. Cranioiselle Ad
.: Somnia :. Militant Slut Jackets Ad
.: Somnia :. Button Flap Jeans Ad
.: Somnia :. Porch Gazebo Purple Ad
.: Somnia :. Lacey Tanks Ad
.: Somnia :. Sexy Sweater Vests Ad
.: Somnia :. Argyle Dippin Tops Ad

Only @ Somnia at the Cart Sale

All my love and thanks ❤


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