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terri.tees puts out for Christmas!

December 12, 2012

OK holiday fiends, here it is: terri.tees’ humungous inworld shop jam-packed with 55 holiday tees and tanks. If this isn’t the most insanely huge selection of Christmas tees in SL, I’ll eat a poseball!

Fifteen brand new designs this year include:

Santa gangnam style!
promo santa gangnam style L

Dashing through the snow!
promo dashing through the snow L

Put that candy cane!
promo put that candy cane L

I put out for Santa!
promo i put out for santa L

Angry Christmas bird!
promo angry christmas bird L

Bah humbug!
promo bah humbug L

Christmas zombie!
promo christmas zombie L

Christmas penguins!
promo christmas penguins L

There’s a special, not-for-sale design that’s yours when you sign up to my terrigram subscribo too!

Fly up to the roof and have your picture taken with Frosty!

Here’s the place!!

and here’s my Marketplace store, with nearly 500 items from which to choose!!!

Now someone please stop me before I abuse more exclamation points!!!!!

Holiday madness hugs all around,

Terri Wardell


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