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December 16, 2012

LeLutka has four new fairy tale themed hairstyles. All four styles are mesh, with one of the four a combination of non-rigged with a rigged attachment. Rigged hairstyles can not be resized, so be sure to try the demos available to be sure of the right fit.
Important: Due to the custom textures made for these styles, some of the colors may have slight changes to them. The changes are only slight, so they still have the same names, the changes are due to the lighting and shadows that are created specifically for each style to give them a more realistic look. The differences are more evident in the Rita, Marilyn and Black colors.


This long braided style travels down the length of the body. The style stops mid thigh, and has loose tendrils framing the face. While you may not be helping anyone climb a tower anytime soon, this style has a lovely innocence about it. The long braid can look good in any roleplay setting, but also a fabulous look with jeans and a t-shirt, or your favorite party frock. The special GIFT with Rapunzel is a new friend chameleon. Chameleon moves his little eyes and has tail up or tail down options as well as 5 chameleon like colors. He/she will watch over you, like all good friends do.


This windblown style will have you wanting to spend time outdoors. The long locks travel behind the shoulders and down the back. Soft waves around the face give it a great look of movement, so photo opportunities abound. The special GIFT that comes with this style is a stunning gemstone necklace, with an arrowhead shaped amulet. The necklace comes with four different gemstones choices, just click on the necklace for the texture menu.


The first part of this style, is a beautiful up-do. The style is rolled from the sides to finish off in a large knot style bun at the nape of the neck. The look is both elegant and charming, then with the addition of the long tail, you have a true Jasmine of Aladdin look. The tail is tied at intervals from the top to the bottom, and the ties change colors with a click on the left shoulder. The special GIFT that comes with this style are the beautiful jewelery pieces. A pair of beautiful earrings in two metal options, with gemstone inserts. Then two different style necklaces, one a more casual choker style, that has three metal options, then the royal necklace, a more intricate style, which also has texture change options.


This straight style is pulled back behind the shoulders, to then cascade down to the small of the back. Whether a casual look or something more playful, this style will transition through both. The style comes with a hair-band attachment, that has texture change control with a click. An additional surprise and GIFT, is the lovely Alice necklace. This necklace is inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland, a special potion filled vial hanging from a soft ribbon tied off in a beautiful bow. The bow is also texture change.

We really hope that you enjoy these exclusive gifts with each style. We wanted to really embrace the Fairy tale theme, with some extra touches as our gift to you.
All styles are available in the regular texture packs as well as the Naturals pack.

Naturals Pack:

LeLutka hair is also available on Marketplace for ease of purchase.


Gifting is also available in the Lelutka Mainstore, and all purchases in the main store will be available for redelivery using the in store redelivery terminal.

Thank you
Lelutka Team


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