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What’s New @ Celoe

January 18, 2013

Celoe-Amae Sandals!

Today Celoe would like to introduce its latest footwear release, the Amae Sandal. Demos of all Celoe products are available in the store, so that you can be assured of fit before you purchase.
To be able to see MESH items, you must have a MESH compliant viewer. To wear more than one MESH item at a time you must be able to wear more than one alpha layer, or be able to combine your own – Celoe includes the alpha texture so that you can create your own if needed.

Amae Sandals : The Amae sandals are a sexy, and incredibly high heeled sandal. Their attention grabbing style will titillate and tantalise even the most conservative of footwear enthusiasts. The Amae sandals come with a HUD system that will allow for tinting of feet to match your skin tone, as well as changing of nail colours, and three different metal options. The HUD system also saves your settings, so that you can return to a perfect match each time you wear the shoes. The HUD has resizing arrows below the tinting panel, as well as reset and default options, to return to original size and colour. All information on how to use the HUD can be obtained by clicking on the ? on the HUD.
Remember to join the Celoe VIP Group to be kept up to date with all Celoe releases, as well as benefit from the percentage credit you receive with each purchase when wearing the Celoe group tag as you buy – credit is not awarded to marketplace purchases. To check your credit balance click the register in the middle of the Celoe main store. If items do not deliver in a timely manner there is a redelivery terminal at the entrance to the store on the left. For any other enquiries please send a note card with your information to Celoe.Resident.

For Marketplace purchases of Celoe items, visit their two Celoe stores at (credit will not be given on items purchased on marketplace, to benefit from group credit you must purchase in the store while wearing your Celoe VIP Group tag.)




If you like taking photos in Celoe items, please consider adding your pictures to the Celoe Flickr Group

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