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January 24, 2013

A new collection from Artizana, JADILANNA is an irresistible and versatile mesh v-neck cap sleeve mini dress that comes in a wide assortment of 26 fun fabrics to choose from. Many of these styles can be dressed up or down to be worn to almost any type of function. Visit Artizana today to buy all your favorites!

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artizana-jadilanna-xxv-ad    artizana-jadilanna-xv-ad

artizana-jadilanna-ii-ad artizana-jadilanna-xxvi-ad artizana-jadilanna-xxi-ad
artizana-jadilanna-xvii-ad artizana-jadilanna-xiv-ad artizana-jadilanna-xiii-ad
artizana-jadilanna-xi-ad artizana-jadilanna-vii-ad artizana-jadilanna-v-ad

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