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February 5, 2013

Join us as LeLutka visits the Roaring 20′s. The 1920′s brought about a dramatic change in fashion, and with that hairstyles. Lelutka has created three styles that instantly transform us into that time of beauty and freedom inspired by enchanting Lillian Gish, Josephine Baker and Gloria Swanson, three women which had a great influence on the fashion worn on and off the silver screen.

Lillian: A long style that falls to the lower back, ending with tight ripples. The same ripple effect at the shorter sides shows a lot of effort went into achieving this kind of style. The hair comes with a snood covering that has teardrop beads hanging at the ends. the colours can be changed with the texture menu once clicked, or you can choose the no net option to remove it entirely. The style of snood creates a steampunk look that is very chic.


Josephine: This fingerwaved style shows how luxurious shorter styles became in this time. The high sheen to the hair shows how pampered and cared for hair was, as it was the glory of an exceptional well put together woman. Whether going for a feminine girly look, or a more tailored ensemble, this style will work a treat.


Gloria: A flapperish style, that has oversized flat curls cascading to the shoulders from the band keeping the hair tame and secure. The band has texture change colouring for the intricate butterfly that adorns the temple area, and an option to remove it from sight. This style has come into fashion repeatedly throughout the decades.


LeLutka hair is also available on Marketplace for ease of purchase.




Gifting is also available in the Lelutka Mainstore, and all purchases in the main store will be available for redelivery using the in store redelivery terminal.

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