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What’s new @ {{BSD Design Studio}}Exclusive original Mesh Creations

March 10, 2013



These are Newly created exclusive mesh designs created for FFL events, -fund raising for “RELAY FOR LIFE” american cancer assoication. The income from limited editions and FFL editions all goes to “FFL ” event for charity. Buy for a good cause ^^.

This post feature the LIMITED edition creations from scratch , idea inspired by ancient Greek column, compostition of Male and female feature- Corinthian order classical column in ancient architecture.

Named as {{ Greece Goddess}}, as {{BSD Design Studio }} was assigned to be located at the Sim {{Colossus of Rhodes}}  – inspired by 7 wonders of the ancient world- Colossus of Rhodes.

This is original designed, by conceptual hand sketch, then digital autocad, and then in sketch up and 3ds , maya.. and many other softwares for texturing and baking texture, this is how this shoe is produced.

Hope you like my new idea. ❤


This leather is limited edition only have 100 Pieces. 10000L,as for the good cause, all money is donated to ” RELAY FOR LIFE ” for this edition.

Visit our mainshop here

Landmark of main shop {{BSD Design Studio}} at kuma:

Market place shop {{BSD Design Studio}}

outlet store at New asia {{BSD Design Studio}}:


{{BSD Design Studio}},Our store at New york Sim  ( under 269L)

{{BSD Design Studio}} Satellite store  at Lyfe of Style ( all 75L)



{{BSD Design Studio}} our store at  L”accessoires sim;



Happy weekend: ❤


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