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NEW releases at {{BSD Design studio}}

May 12, 2013

retro white whole set- red

RETRO shoes set for nude set with free gift

RETRO shoes set for orange et with free gift RETRO shoes set for red  set with free gift

{{BSD Design studio}} 100 block fair840


Model and photo by sookie corbeau

fashion editor blk vendor

fashion editor green

fashion editor nude

fashion editor orange

fashion editor pink

fashion editor puirpel

fashion edito red

fashion editor brown

This week , we have several new  releases at {{ BSD Design studio}} at different event locations, see blog for details :

1. {{RETRO model }} high heels + bag + free sunlass set  EXCLUSIVE

2. {{Fashion editor }} EXCLUSIVE

3. {{Supermodel Drunna }}


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EACH shop slurl

furntiure shop

monthly discount event :
1. 50 limited under only 450L
2. only 699L
3. 75 only
4. sanple sale 169L



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