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What’s New @ Dragon Magick Wares

May 31, 2013

Coffeehouse Deux Adcoffeehousedeux6 coffeehousedeux5 coffeehousedeux4 coffeehousedeux3 coffeehousedeux2 coffeehousedeux1

This has been a long time request from customers and I finally made another that I’m happy with! This building can be a home, a store or as a coffeehouse! Partial mesh, footprint is about 16×17 so it can fit on a 512 lot. Lights have a soft glow, french doors open to let the fresh air in and the doors and curtains can be easily tinted to any color you like. The sign is mesh and you can easily put your own logo on it. I worked hard to make this very low prim for its size coming in at only 61 prims.

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