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New releases {{BSD Design studio}} exclusive original mesh designs

June 16, 2013
{{BSD Design studio}}

{{BSD Design studio}} {{MISS Daisy HAT }} exclusive

1.{{MISS daisy Hat }} at location below ;

enlightenment purple trio02840

enlightenment purple trio840

2. {{BSD Design Studio}} -{{Enlightenment}}- purple trio LIMITED at location below

sl10B transofrmation monument840

3. Exclusive SL10B momument built will be OUT soon at furniture store of “{{BSD Design studio}}

Enlightenment vendor pic2840

13 colours fatpack

Enlightenmentpurplev yellow endor

Enlightenmentpurplev trio red grey endor

Enlightenmentpurplev trio green endor

Enlightenme red vendor

Enlightenmentgreen vendor

4 Exclusive NEW release 75 % off at just for ONE week  :


{{BSD Design studio}}chic model red

{{BSD Design studio}}chic model pink

{{BSD Design studio}}chic model yellow

{{BSD Design studio}}chic mode oranhe

{{BSD Design studio}}chic model grey

{{BSD Design studio}}chic model brwon

{{BSD Design studio}}chic model yelow {{BSD Design studio}}chic model blk

5 . Exclusive NEW release 30% off at  ;


{{BSD Design studio}} Mainshop

{{BSD Design studio}}Flickr

{{BSD Design studio}}facebook

{{BSD Design studio}}marketplace

EACH shop slurl ( each shop has different welcome gift ) and EXCLUSIVES

furniture shop

monthly discount event :
1. 50 limited under only 450L
2. only 699L
3. 75 only
4. sanple sale 169L

5.250L at summer sale

6.only 75L

Custom made shoes  : 40000L to 80000L depends on the complicity


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