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Wintery Somnia

December 16, 2013

Hai there you beautiful fuzzballs,

I’ve got some new releases, some special stuff to tell you all about so how about we get down to it huh?

♥ First up are some normal releases!
This dress is so cute and I love the vertical stripes!
.: Somnia :. Snoogle Woogle Ad
How can you go wrong with Polka dots they go with just about everything!
.: Somnia :. Maiden Hussy Ad

Both sets for only 200L each!

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ Depraved Nation is holding a wonderful winter event called Frost and I have two new items there for you all at only 95L each set how can you go wrong!! Also make sure you visit the two trees in the centerish area there are loads of free gifts under them including 3 from Somnia!!
This sexy dress might not keep you warm but sure will look fab at all your holiday parties!
.: Somnia :. Hot Toddy Ad
This is a simple warm winter sweater to keep you nice and toasty!
.: Somnia :. Perky Frost Ad

Only at Somnia @ Frost

♥ It is time for Lazy Sunday again and I have yet another new release for you guys!
I love wild prints and this snake print is no exception!!
.: Somnia :. Tight Squeeze Ad

And only 75L until Monday morning!!
Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ I am excited to be apart of the Baby it’s cold outside event and I have a couple special items for you all here!! The event runs from Dec 14th to Dec 21st so don’t miss out!! There is also a small free gift there!
Only 10L
.: Somnia :. Pussy Jumper Ad Wine
Only 45L
.: Somnia :. Perky Frost Ad Powder

Only at Somnia @ The Baby it’s Cold Outside Cart Sale

♥ I am excited to be apart of the KittyCatS Advent Calender again this year and my day is the 15th but the great thing about their advent calender is if you miss a day you can go back and grab it until the Dec 30th and there has already been some GREAT gifts with of course more to come so don’t miss out!!
These adorable sweaters will be available in the advent calender!!
.: Somnia :. Pussy Jumper Ad

There are two locations you can get your gifts!
Advent Calender @ KittyCatS Main Store
Advent Calender @ KittyCatS Winterland

♥ The 25 for 25 hunt is still going until the 30th so don’t forget to grab this gifty now for only 25L!! For more info about the hunt and to see some of the other awesome prizes check out
Hint: “The kittehs got a bit distracted trying to hide the heart so I just left it lie, besides if I told them it wasn’t done very well they would pout and tear up the furniture”
.: Somnia :. Jailbird 25for25 Hunt Ad

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ Also I filled up some more lucky boards!! With frequent wild cards and the timer set to go every 2 minutes it should be to hard to collect them all!!
.: Somnia :. Wise Who Ad Yellow.: Somnia :. Wise Who Ad Olive.: Somnia :. Wise Who Ad Gray.: Somnia :. Jailbird Ad Yellow.: Somnia :. Jailbird Ad Wine.: Somnia :. Jailbird Ad Powder.: Somnia :. Jailbird Ad Olive.: Somnia :. Jailbird Ad Lime.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Yellow.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Rose.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Wine.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Powder.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Peach.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Lime.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Lavender.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Cream.: Somnia :. Sir Mouse Ad Brown

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ The Somnia inworld group has grown to over 1500 members and there have been loads of gifts sent out to celebrate every 100 members! There is also a special offer until Dec 17th that you can claim 500L worth of store credit just for being a group member. For More information about this offer click here!
.: Somnia :. Store Credit Gift


Whew that is it for this week but next week I will have loads more stuff for all of you 😀

All my love and thanks ❤


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