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KMADD Moda New Releases: Beanies & Henley Tank

January 10, 2014

About this week’s releases:

It is still winter so we will be continuing with winter releases but that does not mean that we can not start with couple of spring items.

KMADD Moda Henley Tank offers almost unlimited number of possibilities with 12 Color Texture HUD for both Tank & Pocket elements + buttons in gold and silver. They come in range of fashionable colors for spring 2014 and are made out of polo fabric. Loose fit.

KMADD Moda James Beanie for Winter & Spring. Same beanie with different textures and colors for 2 different seasons. Re-size script + Texture HUD with 12 trendy colors to choose from. Perfect match to our winter & upcoming spring collections.

Get these KMADD Moda New Releases on Marketplace.

KMADD Moda products are 100% mesh, we use STANDARD SIZING (XS, S, M, L, XL). Please wear alpha layer provided.

We got plenty more to come for both men and women in upcoming weeks so make sure you join our group by visiting KMADD (you will receive our biggest collection of freebies yet, when you subscribe), LIKE us on Facebook or subscribe to our blog to receive posts via email.


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