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KMADD Moda NEW RELEASES: Ringer Muscle Tees (Asia/Africa/India)

February 25, 2014



tee gacha


tee spring

tee africa

tee bw

About this week’s releases:

There is nothing like a comfortable body conscious t-shirt to show of your pecs & arms that you have been slaving on in the gym. 

KMADD Moda’s new collection of muscle tees is here.

Featuring: Dark colored ribbed ringer (around arms, bottom and neck) in contrasting colors + sexy red tag for addition detail and realism, folds that contour your body adding sex appeal. Great wardrobe basic that can be worn with pair of jeans, pants, or shorts. Versatile, sexy and easy to style.

RINGER MUSCLE TEE (Asia/Africa/India) it’s all about patterns this season. This collection draws inspiration from country and continents that have influences decorative art with their recognizable motifs & patterns. Available in winter & spring colors so you can wear them throughout the year.

KMADD Moda products are 100% mesh, we use STANDARD SIZING (XS, S, M, L, XL). Please wear alpha layer provided.

Get these items & many more by visiting KMADD on Marketplace.

We got plenty more to come for both men and women in upcoming weeks so make sure you join our group by visiting KMADD (you will receive our biggest collection of freebies yet, when you subscribe), LIKE us on Facebook or subscribe to our blog to receive posts via email.


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