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What’s New @ Avatar Bizarre – Board Shorts!

April 27, 2014

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to bring you the first in its Summer collection. 
These board shorts are made from the highest quality mesh; it cannot be ripped, torn, or shredded, no matter how hard you hit the water.  Whether you’re catching the waves, or lazing in the sand, these board shorts are perfect for all Summer.  Each package has five sizes.  May fit some mesh avatars.  PLEASE TRY THE DEMO FIRST!!

AB Board Shorts (Mesh) Blue Palm Tree

Available in 15 different patterns and colors, including (oi!) Punk!  Modify/Copy/No Transfer. 
Available on the Marketplace and Inworld.  50L each.

AB Board Shorts (Mesh) Yellow Palm Tree


AB Board Shorts (Mesh) Blue Abstract


AB Board Shorts (Mesh) Teal Dolphin


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