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KUNGLERS – Looking for Bloggers

July 24, 2014

KUNGLERS  is looking for blogs to sponsor. We have very limited slots so we’ll be looking for bloggers that we consider full package.

Bloggers Requirements:

– The blog must be your own and at least 6 months old and currently active.
– We expect sense of style and taste.
– Blog-worthy photography and image quality is required.
– You need to have an active Flickr account.
– You need to have an inworld group slot available.

What we expect if you are selected:

– You need to post at least one item within 10 days after you have received the releases.
– You must join Kunglers inworld bloggers group.
– You must join Kunglers Flickr group.
– If you stop blogging for longer than 30 days without prior notice, you may have the sponsorship canceled.
– Although you will receive full packages of all Kunglers releases you are not obligated to post everything, but at least one item is required.

Acceptance of applications runs until August 15. We will contact you after that date by email if you are selected.

If you are interested PLEASE APPLY at this link:


Ava Kungler & Barbra Kungler

KUNGLERS website:

KUNGLERS on Flickr:


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