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It Fits So Perfectly!

April 12, 2015

BRAVURA Homme Short Jacket POSTER1

What can be said about the new BRAVURA! Homme outfit! The “Short Jacket and Pants With HUD, is super smart, elegant and different! Depending on the textures you choose from the HUD you can be casual.. countryfied.. super smart.. modern.. but above all manly! You also have the option to wear the jacket without the shirt.. This helps enormously when you want to show off the new necklace you have bought 🙂 The pants come with a great pocket chain.

BRAVURA Homme Short Jacket POSTER3 Without Shirt

All in all a real value for money outfit with a selection of 9 Jackets/Pants to choose from and an awesome 26 shirt textures..

BRAVURA Homme Short Jacket HUD2


BRAVURA Homme Short Jacket HUD3


BRAVURA Homme Short Jacket HUD4


BRAVURA GATCHA Flat Cap and Goggles

Outfit: NEW! – Short Jacket and Pants with HUD – BRAVURA! Homme

Headgear: Gatcha Flat Cap (With Goggles, not shown) 5 colours at – BRAVURA! Homme

Shoes: NEW! Alligator Shoes and Socks with HUD – BRAVURA! Homme

Jewellery: NEW! Heavy Chain Necklace in 3 colours-Bali Bracelet in Gold or Silver – BRAVURA! Homme

Pop down to BRAVURA! Homme and try one on for size.

Best wishes,

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