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BRAVURA Boite Noir Has Opened with New Winter Releases!

October 4, 2016

Finally, after a hectic few weeks, BRAVURA Boite Noir has opened their doors! You will find the most successful and top sellers from the last few seasons all packed in vendors and good prices.

Be sure to join our GROUP and you will automatically receive a 15% discount on all purchases. Our vendor system asks you to pay full price and the, immediately, you are refunded 15% of the purchase price.

New on the racks and getting ready for winter are three new designs.

The BRAVURA Boite Noir Oversized “Floppy” Jersey is sure to be a great seller this coming winter season. Just love the look it creates when teamed up with our new Slim Fit Blue Jeans.Available in mesh XL-L-M-S-XS and 5 individual colours and a Full pack with all colours.I have had no problem fitting there wonderful sweaters on all three of my Mesh Bodies, TMP, Slink and Niramyth Aesthetic.





Great Blue Jeans in three different cuts, Boot Cut, Slim Cut and Straight Cut, each may be purchased individually or as a “Fullpack” containing all three designs.What IS important are the “Hybrid” sizes. This development in Secondlife is to help look smart as a standard Avatar or even better if you have a Mesh body. The Jeans are available in FitMesh1 nand FitMesh2 that helps for Mesh and Standard Bodies and then there is the Large, Medium and Small for mainly Standard bodies.At the moment I am using the Slink Physique Male Mesh body and have no problem with any of my clothes. It is simple really.. the Alpha Huds that come with the Mesh bodies can handle almost all eventualities.




Our mesh “Pigskin” Leather Jacket, Shirt and Tie look just great teamed up with a pair of blue jeans.There are three colourways that may be purchased individually. Available in XL-L-M-S-XS.




Visit our new Flagship Shop and “Try on before you buy” – The shop is 99% complete, with only a few odd’s and end’s to complete. It looks best when your viewer is set to Midnight.

Take care,
Marty Dalglish
BRAVURA Boite Noir
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