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More Tattoos

November 20, 2016



We’ve opened a glorious Tattoo parlor above the skin store. Starting off with four very unique designs:
one for Harry Potters fans, another that made a demon skin in the October Swag Bag, tribal and
pagan/ wilderness worship.
The above in 3 styles:
White [Tintable]
Shaded [Tintable] – More info below.
6 Opacities- 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 10%, Off (0%).
★(`’·.¸(`’ SHADED TECHNOLOGY ‘´)¸.·’´)★
The shaded version of the tattoos are special versions only available at Nivaro that maintain
highlights and shadows that form naturally on the body. This results in a more 3d appearance
rather than the flat black that is particularly noticeable with the stronger opacities.
You can modify how glossy/ contoured the shaded tattoos look by tinting them. The darker you tint
these shaded tattoos the more they will appear like normal black tattoos. You can also tint them to
match your skin tone. Darken the tint and put a light red/ orange tint (depending on your tone) and
they can blend perfectly.
More coming soon!

TP to the parlour:
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