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-Nivaro- Odin Applier (Catwa)

December 4, 2016


‘ODIN’ Catwa Appliers @ Signature Event
The SLURL for the event is:

When I first came out with ‘Odin’ on the Niramyth head it was a huge success, now it’s been transfered over to Catwa for even more flexibility and awesomeness.

– These appliers are tailor made for Catwa’s ‘Justin’ Mesh Head but it works
well with the others.
– Five colour eyebrows (black, brown, blonde, red, grey).
– Browless Option
– Four colour hairbase (black, brown, blonde, red)
– Five colour beards (black, brown, blonde, red, grey)
– Eyebrowless Option
– Turn Hairbase/ Beard Off.
– High resolution, high quality.
– Comes with matching system skins for body.


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