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What’s New @ Khargo

April 14, 2017

khargo-cuddle-raft-mktplcDrift away on the Khargo Cuddle Raft!

Three styles are included – tropical, contemporary and casual. With romantic couples and singles animations, it is the perfect place to while away the sunny SL days and moonlit nights!

This item is made with the best mesh, animations and textures SL has to offer and consists of 1 item which is:

1 khargo cuddle raft
– 3 styles – tropical, contemporary and casual
– land impact 16
– copy, mod
– 2 spots to sit with 74 couple animations and 36 single animations
– experience enabled
– props rez on animation change

Find it on the Marketplace or at our main store for the offer price of 60L this weekend  – normal price 250L


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