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Altamura “DARREN” Bento Head

August 11, 2017

Altamura - Darren Bento Head


Omega compatible.

All bodies by other brands are compatible except Aestetics and TMP.

Bento Mesh Head: Head shape is totally customizable
Head Hud: 4 Skin Tones With & WithOut EyeBrows, HairBase, EyeBrows, EyeShadows, Beard, LipStick, EyeLashes Tintables and 3 different Eyelash Lengths. All sections are customizable with color picker. Show/Hide Ears.

Animations: Eyes only, Mouth only, Smile/Happy, Sad, Mixed Random, Confused, Soft AO, Reset button. All animations can be stopped all time you prefer to have your fixed expression. BLABLA Talk.

Complexity Alpha+Head: 4216.

Available at MBA Fair until August 20, after the Fair it will be available also at Main Store  and Marketplace.



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