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Cora by Narcisse

August 28, 2017


Cora (Back view)

Here comes the blushing bride, Cora.

Cora comes in two parts, the Gown and Pearl Strands.  The dress is a very simple satin design and whilst you can wear it alone, I recommend you wear it with the Pearl Strands.  The Pearls can also be worn alone or with other clothing.

Cora is currently being sold exclusively at the new Bi Monthly Pale Girl Production Event, the Trunk Show, which is a themed event specifically for Weddings and starts on August 19th until September 18th.  Here’s your Limousine

Cora comes in 16 colours. I decided not to do exclusive Fatpack colours this time around as I didn’t want to feel any Bride should be forced into spending more for 1 colour just because it was an exclusive.  I hope this gives any Bride plenty of options to find the perfect colour for them (I know from experience how hard it can be to get the perfect colour!)

Single colours come with a HUD that allows you to change the Pearl strands to one of 3 colours, Ivory, Black or Silver.  There is also a separate Fatpack just for the Pearl Strands that will allow someone who wants to purchase a single colour dress, to enable them to purchase ALL the Pearl colours if they so desire.  There are 8 different Pearl colours included in the full Fatpack and the Pearl only Fatpack.

There are two ways of wearing the Gown. The original design was more daring with only the Pearls covering the breasts, however a suggestion was made that not all Brides will find this appealing so a more modest option was incorporated. On the all the Huds there is a modesty option for you to choose which way you want to wear the dress.

All the colours of the Gown (16 in total) & Pearls (8 in total) can be purchased all together as a Fatpack and come with a HUD which allows you to choose which colour dress and pearls, along with the modesty option).

I really hope you love Cora, as much as I loved creating her. Making a wedding gown was the last thing I’d expected to do but the design really resonated with the style of Narcisse; Classic, Elegant, Timeless.

Cora is rigged for Maitreya Lara and Slink Hourglass.

❤ Narcisse


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