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Altamura “ROBERT” Bento Full Body MOH10 Gift

October 15, 2017

Altamura Robert Bento Full Body MOH10 gift

Altamura is very happy to partecipate to MOH10 – Men Only Hunt with this awesome gift from 7th to 28th of October.

Hint: If it’s double, it’s better with the mustache!

Altamura Main Store

Robert Bento Full Body is composed by Bento Head and Body all together, of course with Bento Hands included. It has ONLY alpha sections, and it is a preview for the complete Full Body available from November.

People who have this gift will receive a great surprise! Stay tuned with us in our Altamura Design/Mesh Avatar Group to discover what will be!

To join the group, please, copy and past in local chat:


Also, at the end of the event “ROBERT” Bento Full Body Gift will be available in Altamura Main Store and Altamura Marketplace Store .



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