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-Nivaro- Dante System Skin

February 17, 2018

‘D A N T E’


One for those who still love the old style of skins.

When not surfing enormous waves on tropical coastlines or making ladies
drool as water runs down his washboard abs. Dante likes to just kick back and
marinate in the sun in his perfectly sunkissed skin tone. Dimpled chin, badass
eyebrows, what more could you want in a male skin?

Part of the 2nd Generation of Nivaro Skins:

New body from top to bottom with
♦ 4 Eyebrow, hair base and body hair colours (Black, Brown, Red, Blonde)
♦ Bald and hair base.
♦ 5 Bodyhair styles.
♦ Tintable hair base and body hair.
♦ 2 Stubble styles & clean faces.

10 skin tones in the full fatbacks.

Tp to Nivaro here:


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