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Join What’s New

How do I join What’s New SL as a designer?

Read all of the rules and FAQ
Fill in a note-card. Send it to Whatsnewsl Core in world with the application fee payment info included.



2 notices only per week : A week is Monday to Sunday 

1st notice about new releases – only if a new release has been made that week
2nd notice can be about Sales/Events that your store is participating in that week (you can only send these once about the same information, if an event or sale runs over that week, you cannot send again)
If you have nothing going on in that week you do not send a notice.
If you are seen to be sending more or incorrect notices you will be contacted, and your notice sending rights may be removed if this continues.

Notices must only be about the store you have approval for, if you open a second brand, or want to help out a friend, you cannot do so. If you send notices for a brand not approved your notice sending rights will be removed.

You must send notices only about your brand/store – if it is in an event, it is not to be about the event, it is still only to be about your store. You can say many things that will entice an audience to look further, you can name the events in your note-card, but do not name events in the notice section.


Each store registered must be the only store/business in that location. You cannot share space with another brand/store and have only the one business registered.No reselling or affiliate vendors, no sending notices for other products/stores other than the store that has been approved by What’s New SL, no split scripted items with another business/content creator under another brand.

One Business Per Registration: Each business is a separate registration…by signing up one business you can only send notices or post about that registered business, you cannot send info regarding another without registering it. In the event that your store re-brands, you must notify Whatsnewsl Core immediately with the new information. The closing of one business and opening another is not re-branding and you will have to register as a new business.

If the business you are registered with closes, your rights to send notices will be removed.
Only the owner of the business can apply for their store to be part of What’s New SL, this means they must make the payment as well as pass the note-card, it does not mean that the manager/partner cannot be the one that fills in the details etc.


No Theft

No copybotted or stolen items will be tolerated. No art images/graphics or logos from the internet sold as art, or graphics used on clothing, accessories or products amongst your work unless created by you – if art work is questionable the store will be declined, if you have proof of ownership of the artwork, it will need to be shown. If items are bought to use in your creations, you must list those people, and it must be clear that they do sell legitimately to content creators.

If you make things using templates/full perms kits, and the prims show as not your own, if you do not mention that in your application your store will be declined.

G Rated

No Nudity and or explicit adult themed content other than skins advertisement, and warnings in the group message must say not suitable for work and adult themed if applicable, even though the store may be on a mature sim, the group is PG so all may participate.

Adult content will have to be approved by the What’s New SL team, we do not deem all adult content appropriate for the majority. Some exceptions may apply but the last word on this will be from the What’s New SL team.

Group Notices more information from above

As a contributor to What’s New SL you will be allowed to post two in world notices per week:
One notice must include a new release for the week. Note-card is the preferred way to send a notice as you can include pictures, LM’s (to ALL available locations ) and information. You may of course decide to just post a LM or picture, this will only do your store a disservice as many will not TP without all info. In the event you forget to include one or the other in your note-card you can resend – but repeat occurrences of this will be considered spam and could result in your removal from the group.

Please check everything is included before you send a notice so that this doesn’t occur. Sending notices can be stressful so stop, breathe, and remember the people in the group want to know about your items. The grid is changing every day with new events and information. You may decide to join something midweek and have already used your first notice. Your second notice will be your ‘Newsletter” style note-card.

The second post allows for a second new release, new locations info if you have set up a new store, and/or hunt info if you are going to be in one that week – though events must fall within the same week. New Lucky Chair items, group gifts or promotion items may also be included in your “Newsletter” notice – it is preferable that the group gift also be available to What’s New members. The second notice is an option for you to catch everyone up on what is taking place for your business before your next weeks release. If you do not have any new products, information, and are not involved in any hunt/event/charity etc that week do not send a second notice. It would be considered spam.
You must NOT make a mall,sim or event the main focus of your note-card/blogpost , Your Store is the one registered with What’s New SL so it has to be about you and your participation in an event, not the event itself, you can include a note-card inside of your main note-card with further information.
If a majority of your group notices do not announce new releases it will be considered an abuse of this forum and may put you at risk of your group privileges being reviewed.

You must keep all notices about your store, the one approved by What’s New SL, even though you may be part of an event, with many stores involved the stores may not be part of What’s New SL and should not be listed with your own. What’s New SL stores are checked before they are allowed to be part of the group, so to promote ones that aren’t goes against those practices…and could cause confusion if there are issues involving a stores integrity as a creator.


If you have already joined the group, please specify in the notecard, so that your status can be changed, sending an invite to a different one does not work if you are already in the group.

Whatnewsl Core will check stores applying and distribute invites to the group as well as send a What’s New SL kiosk on approval.

Payment is 1000L you will pay that directly to Whatsnewsl Core and send a notecard with your LM and a Full perms logo.

If your store does not fit into the What’s New SL criteria – due to going against the rules outlined – the payment will be returned minus 250L , this is a part processing fee as locations will be checked, and all of that takes time.** (see bottom for explanation) Whatsnewsl Core will process all applications as soon as possible, if your store is not processed within 7 days, please contact Whatsnewsl Core.

What’s New SL FAQ

How do I join What’s New SL as a designer?

  1. Read all of the rules and FAQ
  2. Fill in the application
  3. Send it to Whatsnewsl Core in world with the application fee payment info included.

Why are there so many rules?

To treat everyone equally, there needs to be a foundation of rules set. I have based the rules on my experience over years of dealing with these sorts of things to prevent the kinds of problems that wind up making people unhappy. For the safety and reputation of all businesses a part of What’s New SL, these rules are important.

Why is there an application fee?

The application fee is a one time payment to cover the time and expenses that go into maintaining this group. I spend time screening all businesses that join the group, updating information for each business if and when it is needed, and making sure that the group and other out of world tools are all updated as well as any other marketing opportunities I may add What’s New SL to.The application fee also goes to maintaining the kiosks that are provided once your store is approved which are also unique to each store. This is a one time fee, and each business has to pay the same amount as all info is input separately (even if multiple businesses are submitted by the same owner).

How many notices can I send once I join up?

Once you have been approved you are able to send 2 notices as a store per week. The first notice is a new release style notice of all items you have released that day/week. The second notice is a weekly roundup of all things that you are part of or have done for that week to promote your business.

Example :Hi all, this week (Store Name) has released some new items (insert pics) , as well as added three new colours due to request (insert pics). (Store Name) has opened 5 new locations all over SL and hope you can visit them soon(insert LM’s)(store name) has joined the (name of hunt) and that runs from this week until (date)(insert info)

Make sure that anything you include in your weekly roundup notice is happening or happened that week. Sending a notice just to send one will be considered spam. SALES must have a start and finish date, you may send a notice at the beginning of the SALE .

Can my Manager/Partner Join for me?

Managers are given the opportunity to do many things in What’s New SL but the initial join up process must be done by the owner/designer of the business. This does not mean you have to fill in the forms yourself or join the group etc, but the owner does have to be the one that passes the notecard and pays the application fee. The reason for this is that I need 100% assurance that you as a designer/owner are behind the application, and that you give full permission to me to allow the people you choose to represent you. This again is to safely ensure that no one is doing anything they shouldn’t be doing on your behalf. A Manager partner is only the go between for you and What’s New SL and in the event that they no longer represent you their rights will be revoked when you notify Whatsnewsl Core with that info. We understand that you have assistants to make sure you don’t have to do all the running around or things that stop the design process, but once the initial application is made, everything else can be handled by whoever you delegate.

I don’t make items but I have a mall. Can I join What’s New SL to promote that?

What’s New SL does not take mall applications, for the same reasons as each store is set up separately by owner. If a store in your mall wishes to join What’s New SL and put you down as the person who sends their notices etc, that is up to them, but you will not be allowed to promote anyone but them.

I Manage more than one business, if I am able to send notices for one, can I send notices for all?

Same as above the answer is no unless the other stores you work for are also part of What’s New SL, but they would have to put you down as someone they wish to allow to do that. Your privileges as a Manager of one store does not give you unlimited notice sending powers. You can only send notices for the store that asked for you to be added as their Manager, if you leave that business you are no longer allowed to send notices. It would be appreciated if you contacted What’s New SL yourself and let them know of this change so your status could be fixed to avoid errors.

If I buy kits and make my own items does that mean I cannot join?

If you are a legitimate content creator who uses templates and mesh kits etc, but do your own work on these items to make them part of your own collection, then it is very unlikely your store wouldn’t be approved. You will know if what you do is legitimate content creation, so if you know that you make your items the legal way, then you will be fine. If you are unable to have yourself listed as creator for these items – which would lead to some question on the authenticity of the items to begin with – then you must list the names of the people in your application, so that when the store is checked over there aren’t conflicts. It is standard that if items are found not to be made by the people applying, then the store is declined, unless other info is provided. This is the same rule for EVERYONE.

If I own more than one business, can I send notices for all of them?

Only if you have registered them all separately. This does not mean each location you have one business at, but if you own a shoe store and also own a furniture store with a different brand name, you must register them as both separate businesses. As stated above each business is registered separately so each business has as much work behind it, even down to adding your info as many times as needed.

Do I have to set out the Kiosk in my store?

Yes, Yes, Yes. The kiosk is scripted to provide location as well as other info, it is also set up for customers to join directly from as well as visit flickr . The kiosk is a MUST! it is not heavily scripted, the run time on it is barely 0.02 this will not affect your store in any way. If your store does not have a kiosk out it will be considered not in keeping with the rules of What’s New SL and you will receive a reminder to put it out. You will find that many customers feel assured when a store is under the banner of What’s New SL. Because of the no theft policy, customer confidence is raised, which can lead to more sales. Therefore, it is in your interest (as well as ours) to have the What’s New SL kiosk displayed where customers can see it. The group is also about ALL members and businesses so your participation as a Business owner is to promote What’s New SL to your customers as well.

I have joined the group, but do I have to have the group visible in my profile?

Yes! Same reasons as above, it is through seeing designers profiles include the What’s New SL group that many will join and shop at your businesses because of that. There is no reason why you would want to hide the fact that you are in a group of talented individuals that want to promote their business. We promote you as much as we can, so showing group and rezzing kiosk are just small things you have to do to make sure that the group stays on everyone’s radar.

I applied in the past and was rejected, can I apply again?

It is rare to be rejected by What’s New SL, generally the only reasons so far have been due to selling stolen content, or adult locations that make it impossible to promote. If you were declined due to stolen content, it would not be advisable to try again. If you did not get approved due to some other reason usually I let you know you can reapply in a few months. If you are told you can apply in the future you can, if not then no. We have been very lucky in the fact that due to the rules there is very little stolen content that tries to sneak past.

I have been to a store in What’s New SL and I have seen stolen content, what do I do?

First off you send the person you believe has been stolen from a notecard with as much info as you can. Then you send Whatsnewsl Core a notecard with the store name, LM and info. This will be followed up ASAP, and if the items are known by me unquestionably to be stolen the store will be removed immediately.

If it is something that I am unfamiliar with I will also contact designer to confer with them on this matter. If this store has changed its way of doing business since it was approved, and it seems questionable, a notecard will be sent to them to explain, and also let them know that there is suspicion about certain things. Content theft will never be tolerated in What’s New SL, but without the original creators input it is hard to do something based on hearsay.


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