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How to make and link to a SLurl for your store

How to make a SLurl :

* Stand at your landing point for your store, or the product you are promoting.

* Open the main map on your screen in world.

* Click on the “Show my location” button on the bottom right side of the map screen.

* Then click on the “Copy SLURL to Clipboard”  button .

* Press CTRL V in chat or IM and you will paste a SLurl . You can test it to make sure it works before you proceed.

How to Link to a SLurl on your post :

* Type the Name of your store in the post on the blog/site

* Highlight that name with your mouse .

* Click on the button above where you type that looks like a chain link . Once you click that button it will open a box called Insert/Edit link .

* Highlight and press CTRL V into the URL link line in that box and press insert.

Now the word you highlighted is an imbedded link to take the customer directly to a SLurls Page to use to visit your store inworld.

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