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How to What’s New Post

What’s New is a blog that allows its authors to post a SMALL notice like post on New Releases.

These are the only rules that What’s New has always had, and more may be added if the need occurs.

1.  Always title the post “What’s New @ (name of store )

2. Use the Categories already in place ONLY, do not add new categories.

3. Always provide a slurl for the store location so people can teleport directly , OnRez links and Xstreet SL  if you have …and please no unecessary info like what you had for lunch or the history of the outfit, those things can be expressed on your own store blog and you can provide a link to that with the heading more info found here etc ,just keep the post like you would send a notice in world.

4. When adding pictures to the post please try and use html code from sites such as Flickr or Photobucket, these are free sites where you can have your pictures stored and can be seen in various sizes by many, this allows you to choose a smaller pic size preferably under 512 for the blog. There are limits to how much you can store on Word Press pics wise, so this is the best alternative.

5. Comments must be kept off on What’s New posts, if a reader has an issue with your product they can contact you as the designer themselves, we do not want spamming and drama on the blog. If they have praise for the product hopefully they will show that by visiting your store 🙂 .

6. NEW RULE : if the posts you do are too wordy and not What’s New style posts , they will be edited by myself or I will ask you to do so.. the too much info rule has always been in place, please stick to it.

**SUGGESTION** as most of you are on the feeds already, I suggest posting on whats new a day or so after you do your store blog, this way there is a repeat not at the same time so it will be seen by more people at different times through the week

**IMPORTANT** In the case of misuse of this blog I as the owner have the right to remove the post and poster from the site, this will only be in the case of theft or high drama, both of which I am sure you wouldnt tolerate either :o) **

Sasy Scarborough

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